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TeamSpeak 3 Plugin

Fixed idiocy on my part. Plugin should no longer cause OBS to crash if the suffix being used is longer than the TS3 name it is being added to. Thanks to sneaky4oe for pointing it out.
Added the ability to use a suffix instead of a prefix at the request of sneaky4oe. Updated the config to reflect this:

Also wrote a fix so that the prefix/suffix can now have spaces in it.
This update adds an overlay that can be added as a source. Semi-inspired by R3N3PDE's TeamSpeak3 Channel-Clients Viewer Overlay, it uses a modified Text source (the one that's in OBS already) to create the overlay. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while.

The code for the Overlay Source class is mainly the same as the Text Source class. There are some alterations, additions and subtractions from the original code to make it function how I wanted and as a plugin as opposed to being integrated into OBS.

The overlay config:

The overlay in action:
Fix for a potential problem that was found in my AFK plugin by PF4NDY. This plugin uses the same settings file code so the issue may have effected this plugin. The same fix has been applied here so hopefully it won't be a problem.