Stroke Glow Shadow

Stroke Glow Shadow 1.0.2

I used to create a source mirror - darken it - blur it, use that as my shadow. It worked just fine. Now I use this, thank you so much ❤️

I just wish there was an option to "angle" the outlines, so they're only on one side (so I can have multiple outlines on different sides with different colors and animate them using move transition)
I've tried it with lower thirds, browser sources, even cameras, this is just an amazing plugin. Has done alot to make my creativity spike and make a stream just... pop... Love it, Highly recommended.
Great plugin! Thank you...
Waited YEARS for this plugin, amazing job! Need it for so much sources and now I finally don't need my shadow PNG's :)
Awesome plugin! Very versatile and great effects!
Nutty's YouTube plugin shows the various possibilities quite well:
Cool effect, easy to use, does what it's supposed to do.
I'm just now playing with this filter but it definitely helps add a lot of flair to sources by integrating the source stroke option.