Keep going. I don't want this project to drop.
Used this a lot in the older OBS versions. Just wanted to thank the dev. Looking forward to the next stable release. Don't let the hate get to you. The people complaining about the "paywall" are the same people that would complain about buggy "unstable" releases if they were to download an alpha version.
Excellent work!
how do you install this on mac??? great plugin, btw
The plugins is still very robust but provides features that any streamer can make use of, especially those who stream online RPGs with chatboxes (the blur feature is essential).

Xaymar is generally very active on his Discord server, and is always looking to fix issues or improve upon his works.
An essential plugin
Brilliant, just brilliant!
Incredible plug in for OBS. Even if all you use this for is better NVENC control, that's worth it alone, but is also only the tip of the iceberg here and just one of the many things this can accomplish. Be aware that some of the features added here require a bit more to significantly more PC resources to run smoothly, and that this is a very powerful suite of tools in general.
I needed a blur, this delivered a blur, easy to use, plenty of options, perfect.
Fantastic plug-in. A must-have
This plugin makes things you dream of happening, a reality...
Absolutely is in the top 3 list of MUST HAVE plugins for OBS Studios

This allows you to take your stream to the next level with all sorts of options like blur, and 3d transformation of sources.
10/10 plugin! Excellent work! Cutting edge stuff implementing the latest Nvidia APIs!
Problem I bisced about solved I just rereinstalled everything
NOW it's 5 out of 5 stars its just great

Prev review:
So I Use StreamFX and Move transition all the time but I ran into an issue:
If I set a move value's next move or simultaneous move setting that affects a 3D transform to anything else than none I get a crash report after I close OBS some things get saved some don't some filters reset some don't (^^^link above)
Absolutely essential plugin. Adds a ton of functionality lacking in base OBS Studio for adding subtle polish and creating effects that would otherwise be awkwardly obtuse to implement, if not impossible. Should probably be included with the base OBS download.
Please don't include this in the base OBS Studio download, that's a terrible idea.
Works with OBS 29.0.0 beta3 (Windows 11) Thanks a lot!
Works only in 29 beta 3, but not in full release OBS 29
First of all thanks to open source workers for their selfless dedication, I registered and posted this comment just to tell people who are as confused as me: If you download the latest version (0.12.0b164) and obs 29 doesn't work, try 0.12.0a106
首先感谢开源工作者的无私奉献,我注册并发表此评论只是为了告诉和我一样困惑的人:如果你下载了最新版本(0.12.0b164)并且obs 29不起作用,请尝试 0.12.0a106
The dynamic mask works awesome to add an animated effect to a source. I'm going to use it instead of the "Image Mask/Blend" that is commonly used modify the shape of a webcam source.
Excelente complemento !!
Cambie de VMIX a OBS Studio y con complementos como este me encanta y las posibilidades son infinitas
I found 0.12.0a134 works perfect with OBS 29... I'm sticking with this version :)