Stream Warrior Deluxe

Semi-free Stream Warrior Deluxe 1.0.11

- Implemented the Extra Life platform for participants and teams.
- Extra Life Tip now available in Events and Chatbot.
- Fixed a "can't access length of null" error on Twitch subs/resubs.
- Fixed the keys not releasing for the keyTap and keyHold actions in various apps like Dolphin Emu.
- Removed "", "", "", and "" from Twitch Subs/Resubs according to Twitch API changes.
- Fixed an error on Twitch subs/resubs... hopefully the last one.
Feature: New SW Fireworks widget. Happy 4th of July!
Bugfix: Fixed a Twitch error when someone subscribes with no message.
Bugfix: Fixed YouTube chat message duplication.
- setTimer with no event will now cause the calling event to sleep for a defined amount of time before doing the next action.
- Fixed a bug where Chatbot ignores setTimer after last patch.
- Fixed a memory leak coming from widget/stage editors.
- Fixed a bug where Twitch subs and resubs caused an error.
- Fixed a bug where Chatbot might not load correctly if license key is not loaded by Stream Warrior fast enough on startup.
- Fixed a bug where looping timers can stack up many times internally, causing events to fire way too often.
- Fixed a bug where Stream Warrior freaks out with errors if opened more than once
- Fixed a bug where Stream Warrior continues polling for YouTube chat after live stream has ended, wasting API quota.
- Fixed a bug where the chatbot did not load roles from /chatbot/users.json
- Fixed a bug where users who had unlisted roles could not perform any commands.
- Fixed a bug where using * in chatbot role permissions did not grant access to all commands.
Feature: Streamlabs integration.
Feature: Twitch Host event.
Feature: writeTxt, appendTxt, limitTxt, and loadTxt action
Feature: sendTxt action for Chatbot.
Feature: startTimer action.
Feature: setImageSource action
Bug Fix: If the Stage loads before license data loads, the "free version" banner ads and chat ads will load
Bug Fix: Trying to retrieve the channel image of a new YouTube subscriber results in [object Object] instead of a URL.
- Fixed a Deluxe license verification bug.
- Fixed a bug where chat commands triggered with doCommand did not have SW.source
- Fixed an error when receiving a Twitch message from a user with no badges.
- Fixed the chat not connecting when the stage loads before account data does.
- Added a refresh prompt when saving changes to stage while the stage is connected.

Click on the new bell icons in the Events and Chatbot panel to test your events! If you need to provide custom data, especially for custom events and chat commands, you can edit the test data in /events/tests.json in the Stream Warrior Deluxe user directory.