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Stream/Recording Start/Stop Beep (SRBeep) (Unsupported) 2.1.1

Fixed OBS 28's FFMPEG breaking things. Windows and Ubuntu binaries are included in the download.
A 'behind the scenes' update. Changes the FFMPEG API being used to hopefully make the plugin more future proof. Thanks to eebssk1 for the changes.
Added sounds when the replay buffer is turned on or off (but not when the buffer is saved!) or when the recording is paused or unpaused.

Also added a silence file to replace sounds you don't want to use but want to keep the log file clean. You can just delete the sounds you don't want but this will cause warnings to be thrown into the OBS log.

Also also, this is a bit of an experiment to see if simply rebuilding the plugin against the latest FFMPEG and SDL2 fixed some issues people are having.

NOTE: This update does not add the ability to have a sound when a replay buffer is saved. There is (currently) no event in OBS to trigger this easily.
Hopefully fixed the download link
I've moved this plugin onto the new frontend API. For the users, this (hopefully) means that the plugin should be slightly more stable. Plus it is no longer restricted in what you can use for recording/streaming (i.e. it will go beyond simple and advanced to any custom stream/record you can come up with).

For some reason, the new API header files aren't downloaded with the Linux PPA, so I've included them for Linux people to build against.

Also, I'd like to make a shout out to @Vols and Jezuz for his work on making the plugin more stable. Unfortunately, the new API means I've dropped the vast majority of all his hard work but hopefully this update will solve the last issue he had.
File paths to the .mp3 files was sometimes picking up extra letters at the start. These should now be culled so the plugin should no longer fail to find the .mp3 files because of this.
Added support for custom FFMpeg recording outputs.