Steam achievements

OBS Python Steam achievements v2.1.1

I started this project because I needed this for own use, if you find any flaws, find it too complex... Please don't hesitate to give feedback!

This script generates a text-file containing:
  • Your steam average achievement completion percentage
  • Your real average achievement completion percentage
  • Your top 10 games in achievement completion percentages
All of these come with a progress bar and percentage

How to install and configure?
  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip this and move the "steam-achievements" folder into your OBS Studio plugins folder.
  3. Open OBS Studio and in the top menu go to "Tools">"Scripts", make sure your Python path is entered in settings ( and add "" to your scripts.
  4. Enter Steam Web API-Key (request here:; you can enter any domain).
  5. Enter Steam Id (use steamid64 from this url:; enter your profile-url). Side note: I know that some profile-urls already contain the steam id but I'm writing a work-for-all method here :)
  6. Add a Text Source and select "Read from file".
  7. Browse for the text file and pick "achievements.txt" in your OBS Studio bin folder.
  8. A monospace font is required/recommended (otherwise the lay-out will be messy), but that's up to you.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.1.1

  2. Version 2.1.0

    Added cache and a (potential) bug fix
  3. Version 2.0.0

    Output is more customizable Added currently playing + completion percentage Cleaner in general