Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)

Free Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)

We have disabled Nightbot support for all users that were still using the connection before we closed it for new users. Nightbot will be discontinued because their API has too many limitations.
Our widgets are now more future proof because we did some behind the scenes changes to make sure our widgets keep loading fast as the amount of users is growing.
Widgets will now automatically refresh their own webpage when a new widget update releases.
We have updated the manual approval page with a more clarified description on how getting a key works.
I fixed the Discord url on the site, because it redirected to our webstore instead of our Discord server for some reason.
We have changed some of the pages on our website. Our manual approval page has been updated, and some grammar mistakes have been corrected.
Because we are a really fast growing site we have temporarily enabled the keys system. This means any new user that registers needs to obtain a key to use our site. After redeeming the access to our site is unlimited.

Obtaining a key is easy and can be done in the following ways:
- Join our Discord server and create a ticket. Ask if there are free keys available (most of the times there are). Our support is fast and almost instant!
- If free keys are out of stock you can purchase a key from .
- Free keys are being restocked by an automated system. We have no direct control over the amount and times when these keys are refilled.

Please note that we always try our best to give users free keys, but more users comes with more server cost.
Yesterday I changed some of the messages on the site, including the Discord message on the bottom right and the donation message in the center of the screen.
Banned users will now see a message when opening a widget that they should look at the dashboard.
I just expanded the memory limit of our site and API. Widgets should load way faster now!