Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)

Free Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)

We have just released a back-end update that fixes the bugged clients that ended into an infinite error loop of token refreshes.
Playing songs without a cover art with Spotify will now show a fallback cover art again. Previously this was bugged and nothing was shown or the cover of the previous song.
We disabled the VPN check on various places in our application. Some streamers were not able to use the widgets because they stream with a VPN on.
We've updated our key system with both the paid and free keys.
In 2022 the following updates will be released:
- A brand new dashboard
- New widgets
- Achievements
- And more!
We have updated our privacy policy. Please check out our new policy on our website.
We have disabled Nightbot support for all users that were still using the connection before we closed it for new users. Nightbot will be discontinued because their API has too many limitations.
Our widgets are now more future proof because we did some behind the scenes changes to make sure our widgets keep loading fast as the amount of users is growing.
Widgets will now automatically refresh their own webpage when a new widget update releases.
We have updated the manual approval page with a more clarified description on how getting a key works.