Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)

Free Spotify NowPlaying Widget overlay (Easy to use in OBS, made for Twitch Streamers)


Our website does easily make it possible for streamers to show their currently playing song on their Twitch or Youtube streams.

1. Login with Spotify on our website (
2. Go to the widgets page
3. Click on the view button next to "Default OBS widget"
4. Copy the url shown in red
5. Paste the url in a new OBS browser source
6. Start playing Spotify and enjoy your new fancy widget!

Video tutorial - English (Made by Darkrises):


(Branding on the flyer above is a bit different because we are working on a brand new version of NowPlaying with more implementations).
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Latest updates

  1. Update for bugged clients

    We have just released a back-end update that fixes the bugged clients that ended into an...
  2. Fallback cover bug fixed

    Playing songs without a cover art with Spotify will now show a fallback cover art again...
  3. Disabled VPN check

    We disabled the VPN check on various places in our application. Some streamers were not able to...

Latest reviews

Very fast and responsive compared to alternatives, the default looks very good. Developer is very friendly. Requesting a code doesn't take that long.
The only thing that could be added imo is widget customization but the functionality is amazing
Excellent widget. Really Loved it, was easy to integrate and use. Deserve more acknowledgment. ❤
Excellent widget! Does exactly what it says and the developer is super friendly and helpful
Trying to work with the people in their discord was a nightmare.
There is no clear info on what you need to do when you are trying to get a ticket for the widget.
Asking for a more clear answer on this subject resulted in moderators and random members of the discord to insult me and be exceedingly rude.
I have screen grabs of most of the conversation if anyone wants to see the crap they pulled.
Would highly recommend looking elsewhere.
Hi imnamedAJ,
As I already said my apologies if you feel like someone from our Discord insulted you in any way. My opinion is that there is no way to feel insulted but that's totally personal. Before you left our Discord server you insulted me and I am still wondering why.

If you think our signup process is unclear there is a way to share your feedback in our Discord server, but you directly started acting childish in our Discord server before even making it to the point of discussion. In my opinion the signup process is totally clear and any tickets without content get closed, as mentioned in the ticket creation channel.

If you have any more things to say then please contact me on Discord DM instead of bothering other people with your problem.

Kind regards,
Fast and clean look.
Thanks! I appreciate the positive review.
Been using for a while now, super easy to setup. Originally wasn't working because of busy server, but after swapping the widget has worked flawlessly. Didn't have to log into their website for a while now, and still working. Both Spotify Web and the desktop app are recognized by the widget.
Thank you for your positive review, I appreciate that!
Requires approval to use so I can't verify wherever it's good or bad. Leaving 1 star cause it's not easy to get started due to being gated upon registration
The fact that you did not ask for access in our Discord server does not mean our resource is worth one star...
It's very easy to setup. Animations of popping-up and disappearing are cool.
If this site did not require many permissions, it's much better.
Hi Norihiro, thank you for your nice review! The reason why we require many permissions is because then we do not have to ask users to login again with new permissions when we build any new functionality which requires more permissions.