SpeechChat (for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc...)

Free SpeechChat (for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc...) 180621

  • New feature - Reward system for everyone to earn free stars. You can find the entry page (that comes with the donation page) by clicking the bar that shows your current amount of stars.


  • New feature - Keyword filtering.

  • New feature - Bug report.

  • New feature - toggle to hide the right and the bottom panel.
  • New feature - Separate the message format of whispers and general chat.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$viewers$" to the welcome event message.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$followers$" to the follower event message.
  • New feature - Added the keyword "$subscribers$" to the subscriber event message.
  • New feature - Implemented the YouTube chatter list.

  • New option (on/off switch) - Always scroll to the most recent message
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read numbers in messages.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read symbols in messages.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read numbers in usernames.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read symbols in usernames.
  • New option (on/off switch) - Read emoticons in messages.
  • New option - Chat fade (remove oldest messages after specific time).
  • New option (on/off switch) - Remove ads (For donators only).
  • New option (on/off switch) - Auto switch to English voice (for Asian language voices only).
  • New option (on/off switch) - Display tiny platform logos on chat.

  • Improvement - Improved the auto-scroll module.
  • Improvement - Users will be added to chatter list once they post a message.
  • Improvement - Emoticons will now display on the send message input box.
  • Improvement - Implemented dynamic loading in order to reduce the initial loading time and save bandwidth.

  • Bug fix - When people subscribe to your YouTube channel, it keep spam announcing past subscribes in chat.
  • Bug fix - The login timeout limit was not renew on login causing SpeechChat disconnect from your Google Driver after 2 weeks even if you have logged-in during the period.
  • we have a new domain name: www.speechchat.com
  • support Mixer live chat.
  • able to set all titles of all platforms at once.
  • option to hide/display event/notice/system messages.
  • option to hide/display alternate row background color.
  • option to hide/display time on each message.
  • option to hide/display platform logo in front of messages.
  • option to hide/display user profile pictures.
  • option to display system log.
  • option to display and mute whispers.
  • option to mute all messages begin with "!".
  • option to read messages with "!speak" command only.
  • use arrow key to netvigate through recent inputted messages.
  • option to pause/resume speech.
  • keyboard shortcuts to control speech functions.
  • display online details of different platforms.
  • option to change the voice setting and name pronunciation of specific chatter.
  • event messages are not enclosed by "###" any more.
  • merge the same message you have sent to different platforms.
  • better algorithm to speak long sentences.
  • option to read out event messages and/or post event messages to chat.
  • new currency system, stars. Spend stars to activate advanced features.
  • integrate PayPal payment for donations.
New features:
  • New feature: Enable speech and sound effect on specific user group.

  • New feature: Option to open local disk sound files.

  • New feature: Chat room commands.
  • New feature: "Enable speech of yourself" - toggle to mute your speech while you can still hear others speech.

  • New feature: "Personality voice" - every users will have a unique voice depend on their names.

  • New feature: "Pronunce of your name" - you can change how to pronunce your name.

  • New feature: "Voice to pronunce your/users' name" - pronunce your/users' names with language different from the prefer one.

  • New feature: Customizing the way to speak out normal messages and notification messages

  • New feature: Play sound on specific events. You may want to delay the event messages a few seconds to prevent the sound and speech overlapping each other. To do so, just adding a pause command at the beginning of messages. For example, if you want to delay every normal messages by 2 seconds, just change the "Events"->"Chat"->"Speech Format" field to "!p2 $username$ says $message$".
  • Change to use tmi.js module to support name color, badges, etc.

  • Connect to Twitch chat server directly to make connections much more stable.

  • Added a dark theme and an option to disable speech.

  • General optimizations.
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