Source Record

Source Record 0.3.2

First off i would like to say thankyou for this plugin!

After doing some testing I would like to make a suggestion to pause the source recording when you pause the recording "Main", If the normal recording is paused the source recording keeps going in which can make de-syncing issues but overall thankyou for this plugin! hopefully you can integrate it into the main OBS Studio.
Really neat concept but doesn't work.

I'm encountering a problem where the length of the recordings do not sync up. The original has the full duration, but the source recordings are both shorter. The footage looks sped up and the audio is desynced because of it. I've tried using Software encoder, as well as x264 encoder, with the exact same settings across all recordings, but nothing seems to fix the issue.

I also have been experiencing a similar issue when it comes to replay buffer recordings, as well as an odd bug where sometimes it will only capture 1 (or sometimes none) of the source recordings. The times it does capture all of them during replay buffer recordings, the duration of all of the recording are always completely different from each other.
Great plugin, I do have an issue with recording a different audio source becoming delayed. Any idea what may cause this?
Awesome plugin, great work!
this is the only (working) solution i found on internet to record seperated sources... excelent job... PLEASE, GIVE SUPPORT FOR PRISM LIVE
Just the plugin I want! But the obs can't be opened again if I didn't delete this plugin before I close the obs,
Fantastic Plugin!! Only missing two key features that would make this a must have for every OBS user wanting this type of functionality. The ability for the recordings to support multi track audio recording as well as the ability for the recordings and the replay buffer clips to be optionally auto remuxed to MP4 when recording in MKV these features would just add that cherry on top to an already incredibly useful plugin.
great plugin, but with this new version I'm having an issue with audio, I selected different audio and my capture card audio, but instead of capturing only the card audio, it captures all my pc audio, even my microphone...
Great plugin that allows me to record clean gameplay from my stream. Only issue I have is that it doesn't support multiple track audio recording. If this feature was added, it'd be even better!
Thank you for this Plugin.
This add-on is exactly what I need.

Works somewhat well at first but after a couple hours, it starts taking over the GPU. Installing it sets to GPU encoding via nvenc, even though beforehand it's set to software x264 low cpu mode, and I can't change it because it says output is active. Also, when I close OBS, it freezes, and performance becomes a bit too low to play VR.

I would love to use this add-on in the future if the bugs and other issues are fixed. I suggest adding the ability to segment the recordings so if OBS crashes after x minutes, you still have a bunch of video files already backed up. I personally would like my recordings to be under 50 minutes so they can easily be scrubbed later.
So I currently also have the problem that the plugin does not record the single source where the filter is active, but the whole scene. I have also made the test that I put the filter on a whole scene and then activate another scene. Again, it records the active scene. I think your plugin in is currently not working correctly.
Are you using as encoder nvenc new? because that is a known issue stated on the plugin page and the forum thread, try using an other encoder. If that is not the issue can you please provide me more information about the settings and setup your are using.
It worked until I added the GoXLR mini to my system.

Now, the second I add "Source Record" filter to any source, the Music channel starts glitching and goes silent. Removing the Source Record filter or exiting OBS fixes the problem. Or even if I toggle visibility of the plugin ("eye" icon) my music cuts in/out.

I've tried the "Different audio track" option with all possible values and same results, same with hardware/software encoding. The second I add the plugin my audio gets messed up.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
RTX 3060
GoXLR Mini
Mackie PRoFX10v3

For audio issues see the known issues and use different audio and select an audio track.
It's good when it works, but when i set up multiple sources in different scenes. Like, i have an elgato scene and i have an pc game capture scene. When starting a stream, both those scenes are being recorded. It has also crashed my OBS up to several times. As of now, i can't use it. It records my webcam just fine, but not the gamesources. It didn't even help to disable and even remove the filter from Elgato scene. It still would record that, but then WITH overlays and webcam. Can't wait until it gets better. This is exactly what i need :D
Please let me know where i should post the logfiles, if wanted.
The plugin is really awesome. But I have some issues. I try to use the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" and is not separating the sources, but if I use the odder ones it works.
Really a time saver plugin ❤ had a slight issue at first when I was using the Nvidia Nvenc (New), watched some videos found out that this encoder doesn't support different sources recording at the moment, hopefully, will be in the future.

Currently having another issue the audio seems very choppy and glitchy, and sometimes it crashes the OBS.

Ryzen 7 3700x
Please provide crash log files for me to be able to fix the crashes. Can you try if using an audio track makes the audio better?
Great plugin! However something that I would really love to see in this plugin is if the replay buffer could be extended to go past 100 seconds because the matches I have that I want to record individually last about 4-5 minutes.
This new update fixed the audio issue and I'm finally able to record separate audio tracks for each source.
Great plugin I noticed I am having issues as well when I try to use track 2 - 6 where it doesn't record at all. So I'm just using track 1 for now. Other than that I can stream and record selected scenes its great!!
Can you try if version 0.2.3 fixes the audio track issue for you?
I fee like in my last rating i didn't leave enough information. Basically i can only record Audio tracks "None" and "Track 1". If I try to record Track 2 - 6 the recording never starts.

This makes it difficult to record multiple sources without audio getting mixed into other recordings
Have you used the "Different Audio" -> "Audio Track" option? Can you provide me an OBS log file where you are trying to record track 2 - 6 ?