Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

So as Sopel already said, I to like this plugin and I'm experiencing the same issue.
A while back I tested this feature to record multiple sources/scenes until it stopped working.
Anny help?
Great plugin I noticed I am having issues as well when I try to use track 2 - 6 where it doesn't record at all. So I'm just using track 1 for now. Other than that I can stream and record selected scenes its great!!
Can you try if version 0.2.3 fixes the audio track issue for you?
This new update fixed the audio issue and I'm finally able to record separate audio tracks for each source.
Was hoping to get a native mac compile
Great plugin! However something that I would really love to see in this plugin is if the replay buffer could be extended to go past 100 seconds because the matches I have that I want to record individually last about 4-5 minutes.
Really a time saver plugin ❤ had a slight issue at first when I was using the Nvidia Nvenc (New), watched some videos found out that this encoder doesn't support different sources recording at the moment, hopefully, will be in the future.

Currently having another issue the audio seems very choppy and glitchy, and sometimes it crashes the OBS.

Ryzen 7 3700x
Please provide crash log files for me to be able to fix the crashes. Can you try if using an audio track makes the audio better?
The plugin is really awesome. But I have some issues. I try to use the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" and is not separating the sources, but if I use the odder ones it works.
It's good when it works, but when i set up multiple sources in different scenes. Like, i have an elgato scene and i have an pc game capture scene. When starting a stream, both those scenes are being recorded. It has also crashed my OBS up to several times. As of now, i can't use it. It records my webcam just fine, but not the gamesources. It didn't even help to disable and even remove the filter from Elgato scene. It still would record that, but then WITH overlays and webcam. Can't wait until it gets better. This is exactly what i need :D
Please let me know where i should post the logfiles, if wanted.
Thank you for this Plugin.
Yet another highly requested feature that has been executed phenomenally. GG Exeldro!
Amazing plugin 5 stars
I can see this being perfect for what I need, only it doesn't quite work yet as it records the same as my main output for some reason when I apply this filter to a Scene rather than a Source.
You are the OBS master. I loved this.
I love that you made it good job<3. But i tried it and i only have one pc with a Ryzen 7 3700x and i have to use x264 problem is i would have to have both recordings on at least super fast otherwise my cpu is at 100% idk if you can make it so it doesnt use as much cpu and still has good quality I'll try to help as much as possible (cant donate a cofee though cant do online stuff)
I dont know why it doesnt work for most people, it works amazingly for me, I don't need audio since I'm already recording that separately so i just capture my camera, and also the only thing that i don't like about it is that i can't use the new nvenc encoder but apart from that, its perfect for me!
Issues with saving files in OBS 28.0.1
Issue submitted on Github
This is perfect!!!
Perfect to recorder live interview to edit later!!

Esse plugin é perfeito!!!
Muito útil para gravar transmissões de entrevistas ao vivo, ou até mesmo shows e casamentos e poder editar depois para corrigir alguma falha ou fazer melhores momentos!!
As many are onto NDI and many know the evil word "encode" which drains resources, I've found the most efficient is recording in "native NDI" so zero encoding is done. Thus far I've only seen vMix do this. Sorry with my i7-8700K, 32Gb, nVidia 8Gb, SSD & nvme, I had several obs crashes and often pixelated recordings, this was four NDI streams of 4k, none of my task manager resources went past 82% except when using GPU for encoding, it hits 99% easily
Does what it says on the tin - lets me record multiple inputs at the same time, and I can remix in DaVinci afterwards.
I can probably improve latency etc. with careful use of hardware encoding, but right now it has solved a problem
Thank you!!