Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

Have been using this plugin for a while now to record my webcam and then my desktop separate but recently it seems to not want to record multiple sources into their own file. It will only record one source and seem to just ignore the other. Any suggesting on what the cause could be?
As cool as an idea as this is, I've yet to get the replay buffer working. I have installed everything fresh and tried it in brand new scene collections, but no joy as of yet. If I can figure it out, I'll be a happy chap.
1. Could the plugin not overwrite files? (number filenames like OBS)
2. Where can I find saved replays from the source?

For me, the idea is brilliant.
Sometimes OBS crashes when I close it.
This plug-in is absolutely broken. I've had nothing but issues since the moment I started using Source Record. For example

Regardless of settings, the record quality with plug in is abysmal even when copying my regular recording settings 1:1.

Caused me to have significant quality issues with my regular recorded videos

Through Source Record, recordings may get corrupted when using MP4, MKV files stay frozen / processing and never get processed or recorded at all.

Source Record caused constant crashes so I had to reinstall manually.

No info online for trouble shooting / specific issues.
I saw this comment earlier so I copy & pasted it because I'm experiencing similar issues. Really interested to see if I'm doing anything wrong that might be causing this.

"I'm encountering a problem where the length of the recordings do not sync up. The original has the full duration, but the source recordings are both shorter. The footage looks sped up and the audio is desynced because of it. I've tried using Software encoder, as well as x264 encoder, with the exact same settings across all recordings, but nothing seems to fix the issue.

I also have been experiencing a similar issue when it comes to replay buffer recordings, as well as an odd bug where sometimes it will only capture 1 (or sometimes none) of the source recordings. The times it does capture all of them during replay buffer recordings, the duration of all of the recording are always completely different from each other."
I fee like in my last rating i didn't leave enough information. Basically i can only record Audio tracks "None" and "Track 1". If I try to record Track 2 - 6 the recording never starts.

This makes it difficult to record multiple sources without audio getting mixed into other recordings
Have you used the "Different Audio" -> "Audio Track" option? Can you provide me an OBS log file where you are trying to record track 2 - 6 ?
I have been using 28.0.1 Beta, It is oddly that When asking screen recording, only 8-bit out is allowed whatever I have instructed via ffmpeg options. I have tried different options such as record direcly, I have read it is 10-bit out.
Plugin is great when it works, but I keep having issues with the video/audio getting out of sync throughout the duration of a recording. By the end of a recording, the audio is multiple seconds off instead of completely synchronized like it was at the start. Also this thing crashes a lot so that's kind of annoying.
Just the plugin that I need! but i have a problem ...

When i install it, open obs, put the filter on a source, make some tests, check the output, ok, close the obs. When i try to open again, it won't load the scenes, just the basic UI. i can only use this by uninstalling e installing again everytime.

I got a second instance of OBS for my recordings, capturing the screen, this one are still open here without any error. And if i can open with the Second Scene Collection and Second Profile, it opens, load everything, but if change to the First Scene Collection, that have Source Recording in ONE Source, nope, it won't load, not a crash, but it's freezed.
I will use this plugin anyway with the Un/Re install method for now.
Amazing plugin, thanks =)
This is really not a selective recording replacement Streamlabs has, for anyone interested. And since there's all that dirty laundry being aired out about Streamlabs, I was hoping to find a good replacement for Streamlabs but this plug-in doesn't do enough to replace that and I'm forced to simply open two OBS instances for now which I've wanted to avoid.

Main problems:
- Crashing. It caused OBS to just suddenly become so incredibly unstable and I would have to toggle it off after I finished recording. Every time I would reopen OBS, it would crash instantly and trying to toggle off Source Record was a massive chore. It became such a hassle to fix this problem.
- Cannot record multiple sources at the same time at an acceptable quality. If you try to apply the filter over a group/folder of sources so you can just record them all, the video framerate drops and it looks so incredibly terrible. This is the biggest problem I have because I want to record more than one source at a time while still getting rid some other overlays.

Recording one source at a time is fine, and if you only need that then this plug-in works. But I can't recommend this plug-in at all if you want the same type of selective recording Streamlabs has, which is the biggest unironic positive over OBS and this plug-in. I'm willing to walk this all back if there are improvements, but I have never felt more frustration and anger at stuff not going right than now. I just hope there's an official implementation of selective recording some time in the future.
A very good plugin idea. So far no bugs and it works. The file size of the recording however is pretty large. I wish that there is an option to downscale the resolution of the recording.
This could be very cool. I'm having an issue where the audio does not record & every time I hit "stop recording" the cams will freeze, the audio claims to still be going through the meters & OBS is frozen as well. When I close force close OBS the files will have saved but, alas, no audio. I am using the newest version & can upload the log files if the creator of this would like to help out.
Seria bom se você pudesse colocar a função de divisão por tempo como uma opção na próxima atualização, desde já ótimo plugin.
Works really well until it suddenly doesn't. These are my problems with it:
- No support for muxer settings, so I can't set "movflags=+frag_keyframe+empty_moov" like in OBS itself.
- Resolution switches in sources is not handled properly, if at all.
- Audio often just doesn't work even with the provided steps.
- Does not prevent itself from writing to the exact same file it may already be writing to.
- Does not apply defaults from an encoder to the UI, which results in horribly broken default settings.
Absolutely brilliant, have been using this for since 0.3.0. No problems.

QUESTION, is it possible to DISABLE the recording of the audio track? I don't need it and I just choose to record no audio but I still get an empty audio track when replaying.
Thanks once again for the excellent work.
This add-on is exactly what I need.

Works somewhat well at first but after a couple hours, it starts taking over the GPU. Installing it sets to GPU encoding via nvenc, even though beforehand it's set to software x264 low cpu mode, and I can't change it because it says output is active. Also, when I close OBS, it freezes, and performance becomes a bit too low to play VR.

I would love to use this add-on in the future if the bugs and other issues are fixed. I suggest adding the ability to segment the recordings so if OBS crashes after x minutes, you still have a bunch of video files already backed up. I personally would like my recordings to be under 50 minutes so they can easily be scrubbed later.
OBS 27.2.3
Using this on my "Capture Sources" Scene
Works perfectly fine, and now with the new 0.3 update the Hotkey fuzzle for "Save Replay" is sorted out.

Thanks for this amazing Plugin Exeldro!
Great plugin that allows me to record clean gameplay from my stream. Only issue I have is that it doesn't support multiple track audio recording. If this feature was added, it'd be even better!
great plugin, but with this new version I'm having an issue with audio, I selected different audio and my capture card audio, but instead of capturing only the card audio, it captures all my pc audio, even my microphone...
This plugin has a little bugs when I use it but the plugin is fine