Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

This has made my life a lot easier since having two OBSes takes a lot of CPU. It works very well except for that it doesn't split recordings like the main OBS (Which I also have to use if I want to record other tracks)

The weird thing is exactly once it split files like OBS did and I have no idea what changed for that. Also: make sure you're not lazy and leave lower layers that you record alternate raw sources visible... twice the files just one is black screen LOL

I think if the plugin could record multiple tracks and could split files it'd be perfect (smaller files are easier to transcode/edit if you're curious why I don't want 1-5 hour videos) very happy with this plugin so far tho.

The only real solution right now is to remember to stop/start record, but I have terrible memory XDDD
It is a good plugin, but there is a drawback and that is that when you want to change the scene collection, it throws an error.

"There was a problem changing scene collections and some sources could not be released. This issue is usually caused by plugins that have not released resources correctly. Make sure the plugins you are using are updated.
OBS Studio will now close to prevent any possible data corruption."

It is somewhat annoying, because when you want to work on other projects, it causes the obs to crash, but sometimes it usually happens that this error appears in the middle of the recording or minutes after opening the obs, it is something that should be solved, because it is really very annoying
Absolutely brilliant, have been using this for since 0.3.0. No problems.

QUESTION, is it possible to DISABLE the recording of the audio track? I don't need it and I just choose to record no audio but I still get an empty audio track when replaying.
Thanks once again for the excellent work.
Firstly want to say thanks to Exeldro for making this plugin. It has been very useful despite it's caveats.

I have found a solution for those who have latency problems between recordings.

Firstly, identify which sources that have the latencies by doing a test recording.

Once you have identified the sources, add a render delay of 60 milliseconds (ms) before the source record filter.

Whilst the sources will still have skipped frames (a little bit of the time being cut off the master-feed), it should now be in sync.

This plugin does cause quite a few crashes, but it happens less when I've added a "-disable-shutdown-check" parameter on my OBS shortcut.

Unfortunately Exeldro has said himself that to rectify these problems he would need to redesign the whole project, which I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't do it.

So hope this fix is a good one and helps people with their projects!
This plug-in is absolutely broken. I've had nothing but issues since the moment I started using Source Record. For example

Regardless of settings, the record quality with plug in is abysmal even when copying my regular recording settings 1:1.

Caused me to have significant quality issues with my regular recorded videos

Through Source Record, recordings may get corrupted when using MP4, MKV files stay frozen / processing and never get processed or recorded at all.

Source Record caused constant crashes so I had to reinstall manually.

No info online for trouble shooting / specific issues.
Hello, I have been using this plugin for the better part of a year. It took a bit to get used to and actually get things optimized for the setup i'm running, but it works great. There were some issue at the start with obs crashes and it not recording properly but I've solve the problems. Make sure to not use on game capture, instead use on a group with a set resolution and with the game capture plus whatever other game sources you use. I do the same thing for my camera. This is an excellent way for me to upgrade my videos and how I make them.
I used in past but awful now some reason it closed my games now even though didn't have issue before and change anything. Only issue before was audio sync but I was able to fix each time in editing software.
Seria bom se você pudesse colocar a função de divisão por tempo como uma opção na próxima atualização, desde já ótimo plugin.
Plugin is great when it works, but I keep having issues with the video/audio getting out of sync throughout the duration of a recording. By the end of a recording, the audio is multiple seconds off instead of completely synchronized like it was at the start. Also this thing crashes a lot so that's kind of annoying.
hallo, this is a good plugin. if you guys find any issue like :
1. OBS crashes when close the app after installing this pluing = close the games first then close the OBS (in this case I've using source record in game capture)
2. when you can find hot key to activate replay buffer for source record = make sure to close the OBS, then launch the game, open the OBS and set game capture to capture the game u want to stream or record then close the game first and now the OBS, and launch the game again following OBS, then bind the hotkey for replay buffer of Source record.
3. if u facing encoder overload try to use HEVC encoder in source record to capture and let the H264 for stream.

and that's it. follow my twitch:
Just by installing this plugin, even without it enabled or active on any source, my time to render frames went up by around ~7 milliseconds, causing a lot of missed frames.

And that's not to mention any of the crashes and encoder issues that other users have brought up.
Got it working, but no matter what settings I put in, it always results in an encoder overload.
overall its a good plugin, but when recording multiply videos it replaced the previous video I recently recorded with the new video...
Its grand only problem is it crashes OBS when i try to switch scene collections. A pity this was a good idea and needed natively.
With OBS 29.1.3 - the source record plugin is still having crashes as other reviewers have commented. I read that this latest OBS release addressed some issue with Source Record crashes but it doesn't appear to be working for me. Crashes stopped when uninstalled. Currently going back to 2nd OBS open w/ Virtual Camera but that doesn't include audio so ideally at some point the crashing issue is resolved. Also ideally OBS would natively incorporate an ISO record where can record a scene separately vs having to install a plugin.
Great idea but unfortunately it crashes OBS regularly when I stop recording or close OBS.
Source Record 0.3.2 - OBS Studio 29.1.1 (64 bit)
Update: After downgrading to OBS Studio 29.0 (64 bit) it crashes less and seems more stable. However it is still not usable as long as it causes crashes.
I suggest to uninstall the plugin and run a 2nd instance of OBS Studio to record the sources separately until a fix comes out.
Love this program. My only issue is lately this plugin causes OBS to crash when I'm exiting the app. Uninstalling the plugin fixes the issue.
All great but, if you use Screen Capture with this plugin, when you open a file as administrator the record crashes.
This plugin keeps the obs crashing with the following error: Fault address: 0 ((null))
libobs version: 29.0.2 (64-bit)