Source Copy

Source Copy 0.2.4

  • Add scene filter option
  • Fix pasting and loading scenes and groups on scenes
Add vendor requests for obs-websocket
vendor name source-copy
  • get_current_scene
  • get_scene
  • add_scene
  • get_source
  • add_source
Try fix file paths in the loaded file.
This helps when you want to copy resources to an other system.

Example when you load C:\Users\Exeldro\Downloads\scene.json
and that refers to C:\Users\Test\Pictures\Exeldro.jpg, but that can't be found, it will try:
add options to copy script settings
OBS version 28 support
add save and load transform
make copy and paste transform only work when OBS has the focus
  • fix duplicate source names
  • fix nested scenes and groups
fix crash pasting or loading a filter
Add options to save and load json files
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