Source Clone

Source Clone 0.1.2

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Can't wait to see what additions you add in the future. Keep it up <3
this plugin is very good I love your creativity exeldro
Works great! A fantastic alternative to (now paywalled) StreamFX Source Mirror. Thank you so much!
I love everything that Exeldro does, His plugins are extremely useful. In addition, he takes the extra time to put them in a .dmg file for Mac so it is easily installable by the user. It's hard to install other software by other developers who have great ideas when you're not a programmer and you don't really know how to install it! 5 stars for sure! Source copy is only one of the amazing plugins he has created. THANK YOU Exeldro!
Exeldro always saving the day :)
This is amazing! It's just too bad it doesn't assimilate the old StreamFX source mirrors XD I'm going to have to swap them out by hand, but I say its worth it.
Great job, thanks for supporting everyone that have been waiting for this plug-in....

Thank you
Really powerful plugin, he did it again! Thanks!
excellent - thatt is all what I (you) can say about the great work. OBS would be not the same without your absolut helpful plugins
Brutality... wow.... what I was looking for me... for sure we will send a coffee cup...