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Soundboard Dock 1.1.1

cool plugin, but i cant play same audio twice in a row with hotkeys, only works if i swap it with another audio, but thats not what i want
Works great! saved me a ton of $$!! I figured out a way to play the same sound back to back by assigning a button with silence. I would love to see the ability to make multiple different soundboards via profiles.
Really cool plugin, but sadly only works the first time you play a sound. After that hotkey does nothing. It can be made to work again by changing any setting, but the sound will only play once before not working again.
doesn't work.
Very nice plugin.
I actually do some tweaks around to make it possible and easier for people who don't have certain materials (StreamDecks, Soundboards, etc) to be able to do some fun stuff.
On this matter, can this plugin be interactive via OBSCommand (WebSocket)?
I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but my Soundboard crashes when I use stinger transitions when switching between scenes.
For example: when I open OBS Studio the Soundboard works fine, but as soon as I make a transition from one scene to another, it doesn't work anymore. That is, it does not play the sound when I select it and in no other way.
To fix it I have to close the OBS and run it again, but when I make the transition it crashes again.
I've noticed that when I build a new collection of scenes from scratch, it works fine for a period of time, but then it crashes again.

Additionally, on the page it says that the latest version is 1.1.1 but when I download the file it is 1.1.0
Can you correct this?
If these errors are corrected, I would give it 5 stars.
I hope they correct it soon. I like the Soundboard.
hey cg2121 why didn't you release version 1.1.1 from soundboard because when I enter the github page it shows version 1.1.0, why?
Can't figure out how to hear sound clips in headphones, however they will play on stream. Biggest issue is the icon associated with audio file will display on stream when played. I've been racking my brain on this one. Anyone else?
Does does not appear in mixer. Audio does not output to YouTube streaming. Possibly a miss in the document or code? I want to give this 5 stars, but for me, that needs to include the ability to output to YouTube
This won't show in the Dock menu of OBS 27.2.0 on Mac, let me know what I can do to help.
works well. I was able to move all my sounds out of Lioran board. one issue. I always view my screen in Canvas view. when i hit SPACE to enlarge or decrease the screen - the last selected sound plays and the screen wont move. I need to remove the dock to make screen adjustments.
Great plugin! No more need to play with external DAW. As a radio DJ I would love to see couple features added: option to set looping on/off per clip and also possibility to do fade in and fade out with variable duration when clip is played or stopped (per clip setting). Good for looping music beds.
Been looking for something like this for awhile that is simple and not requiring my DAW to pull off. The fact that this integrates into OBS makes things even better. Great work!
we can´t leave a secomd rating once the author responds, and comments are not enables, so i open a secondary account, this is my crash log
Don't work for me, it crashes on volume change, and volume init on zero, yet is a wonderful idea
Could you post a crash log here? Go to the help menu in OBS and upload the last crash log and post the link here.
Hi, How can I make the image of a speaker disappear and only the sound remains?
Right click in the dock, and go to the view menu, to hide the volume controls.