• Changed the default output to include {extra}
  • Changed the way the String gets split in order to have a more reliable way to separate artist and track name.
  • Changed the way the software checks for updates.
  • Added the ability to export and import the config so you don't have to re-do all of the config on every update.
# Added light telemetry which is optional.

## Data which gets transmitted:
● UUID (randomly generate identifier, nothing personalized)
● Current timestamp (to evaluate how frequent the software is used)
● If the software is running or not (this is transmitted on startup / shutdown of the software, no service running in the background!)
● Current software version

## Custom Output:
In the settings window there is a new textbox in which you can set a custom output format.
Format is like this:
Pendulum - Tarantula - Original Mix
`^ {artist}.....^ {title}........^ {extra}`

Kepp in mind that this can and probably will lead to weird text sometimes when the artist or the song has extra dashes (-) in the name!
Added the function to set a custom text when Spotify ist paused.

To do so: Enable it in the settings tab and set the text. Leave the text area blank or put a whitespace " " in there so it will be an emtpy text file.
+ Added 'About' tab, opens with the "about" button in the top row
+ Added Buttons for Donations, Discord and Github
+ Added a list of third party libraries

- Removed the "This is a test" string

* Configured the updater to work properly
* You'll now get a notification if there is an update available
* minor tweaks in the code
Hey guys, I recoded Songify Slim, check it out!