What is Songify?
Songify fetches the currently playing song from Spotify, YouTube (Chrome), Nightbot and many more players and saves it to a text file. Just like magic.

  • Gets the currently playing song and saves it as following: Artist - Title (Whitespaces are for a better marquee in your streaming software of choice!)
  • Automatically start with windows (trust me, it is QoL)
  • Minimize to the system tray, feels like it isn't running at all.
  • Custom output string! If you want to be extra fancy.
  • Upload Song info to use with most common chat bots
    • Examples (replace URLwith the URL provided by the software):
      • Nightbot:
        • $(urlfetch URL)
      • Streamlabs:
        • {readapi.URL}
      • Streamelements:
        • ${customapi.URL}
      • Moobot:
        • Response -> URL fetch - Full (plain) response, URL to Fetch -> URL
  • Switch between Dark and Light theme, not that it matters since it's most of the time minimized...
  • Oh and colors, yeah a lot of colors actually. 23 if I counted that right.
  • Spotify Songrequests
  • Download album cover
  • Custom pause text
  • and more
The FAQ can be found here https://songify.rocks/faq.html
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  2. History Fix & Global Error Logging

    New: Added global exception handling. If Songify crashes on you the log should help us see why...
  3. Widget & Fixes

    New: You now can display the requester in the output. Right click the output-format textbox and...

Latest reviews

Simply works
Thanks for your review!
Sorry, but I'm new to this... so the viewer on the channel just has to type !sr whatever and it populates in the list in your app? So then does it automatically switch to the song? And also, does the app tell the user what to type in in the chat? Sorry!
So after you connect to twitch and allow spotify usage. The users just have to type !sr SPOTIFY_URI and the song will get in the list which is visible when you click on Songrequests in the upper left.
Works great!
Thanks for your review! :)