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Added iTunes, VLC and more ....

  1. Yachak
    Changelog: release notes
    Video : Video

    (Please use the next repo to commit bugs, thank you)
    GitHub Issue tracker:

    U can donwload snaz on the next page :

    GOLDEN TIP : Make the font size VERY large and then downscale it in the scene. (I see to many users just up scaling text files in the scene (with mouse) and don't touch the font size :) With a blurry results afterwards. (This TIP is for reading any text file)

    • Is able to stream the next :
    • System time
    • System date
    • Countdown to specified time (Stream a time countdown live. Ex. Stream live in: 0h 30m 12s)
    • Chrono Down : Countdown from value
    • Chrono Up : Count up from value
    • Text line Changer Extended
    • Update Game/Status on Twitch
    • Amount of current Twitch viewers and lots of other info
    • System Info: Capture and stream data real time like cpu usage, ram, processes, up- and download speed
    • Dynamic Files: create a text file by choice and link it to any online source
    • Playing now: with song, artist, album, album image – (Supported: Spotify, Foobar2000, winamp, iTunes and VLC mediaplayer)

    Time Output format info :
    Example $hh $mm $ss will go live as: 1h 25m 12s
    Example $hh $mm will go live as: 1h 25m
    Example $h:$m:$s will go live as: 1:25:12
    Example Stream live in: $h:$m will go live as: Stream live in: 1:25

    Time Output format AM/PM info :
    Same as above but the letters $tt wil output AM/PM
    Example $h:$m:$s $tt will go live as: 1:25:12 AM

    Date Output format info :
    dddd dd MMMM yyyy > Tuesday 25 june 2013
    dd MMMM yyyy > 25 june 2013
    dd-MM-yyyy > 25-06-2013

    Chrono Down Ouput format info :
    $h:$m:$s > 05:22:23

    Customize formats to your needs :), these are just examples

    The textfiles will be stored in the subfolder TexFiles in the apps folder


    1. snaz (1).gif
    2. snaz (2).gif
    3. snaz (3).gif
    4. snaz (4).gif
    5. snaz (5).gif
    6. snaz (6).gif
    7. snaz (7).gif
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  1. BanHammer
    Straightforward UI and works perfectly.
    1. Yachak
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  2. ball2hi
    User friendly, flexible, and a well-done UI.
    1. Yachak
      Author's Response
      Thank you