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OBS Lua SimpleSlides: slide show avoiding the memory limit of Image Slide Show 0.2

This script uses an Image Source whose name begins with "SimpleSlides:" to display sequential image files from a directory, creating a simple slide show without the memory limit of the OBS Image Slide Show.

The trade off is that some frames may be dropped during image changes. On my Dell with i7 and just Intel HD4600 graphics, it drops the same number of frames as are dropped if you manually change the filespec for an Image Source: no drops for 1280x720 images, up to 4 frames dropped for 3306x1860 images. If the scene contains only the slide, drops are hard to see. If the scene also has a camera or other moving source, it can be noticeable.

The filespec in the Image Source is used to specify the directory. Files of type png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, and gif will be shown. Files are shown in sort order: XXX1 will be followed by XXX10, not by XXX2, so you may need to normalize your filenames (XXX01, XXX02...)

Slides may be changed via assignable hotkey, or via the buttons in the script window. Hotkeys and buttons act only if a SimpleSlide Image Source is visible in the Preview or Program window.

You can have multiple independent slide shows using Sources with unique names: for example "SimpleSlides: lyrics" and "SimpleSlides: sermon graphics". Hotkeys and buttons will act on whichever slideshow is visible in the Preview or Program window, with Program taking precedence.

This is dirt simple: no fancy transitions between images, no automatic slide changes. It was written to share music and lyrics slides exported from PowerPoint as images, with slides being advanced manually in sync with the music.
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