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Free Simple Weather Overlay.

Simple Weather Overlay (SWO) allows you to show on stream the weather conditions of any city on Earth.
The data is recovered from OpenWeather's free API (you must provide your own API key)
You can use it by visiting

  • Select between showing a simple or a specific weather description.
  • Choose the language to use (doesn't affect the simple weather description) Optional. Defaults to English.
  • Light and Dark Theme.
  • Choose if you want to show the city's name on the overlay.
  • Choose between using Standard (°K), Imperial (°F) or Metric (°C) readings.
  • Resize the preview box to adjust the overlay size, as it can be wide and short or narrower but taller. Then you can use the size provided when you're done. (Not available if visited from mobile devices) Examples: (Left → Wide. Right → Compact)


NOTE: Because the overlay uses OpenWeather's FREE API, the maximum and minimum temperatures might not be accurate, as it only provides forecasts for every three hours since it's requested. Daily forecast would be useful in this scenario but it's not free.
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