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Simple Countdown Timer for OBS 3

A neat small plugin. All is working as expected. I would to have an option for a custom message during timing run. Something like "We are starting in... min", but I've just amended Browser.html to my needs.

A good further improvement will be a bit more of text customization settings, like outlines and gradient. Text (GDI+) properties in OBS may be a good source of inspiration :)

Regardless, thank you for your hard work, this plugin is useful :)
Narrow River
Narrow River
Thanks Hrybochok for the review. Much appreciated. You have given me much to think about. I'm going to do 2 updates. The first one will have a "Message During Countdown" option, a days option and a shadow on/off option. The second one will be a more in depth improvement to the text customization and will take some time.