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Scene Tree Folder plugin for OBS Studio 0.1.5

I like it but could be improved!
Scenes from Aitum Vertical plugin are not recognized
I LOVE this plugin. I'm a little ocd and kept losing my sources. Thanks for helping me stay organized!
Awesome plugin to finally be able to sort scenes in folders !
However, no possibility to open folder by a single or double click (we have to click on the arrow).
Very useful plugin!

However, if you switch to a different scene collection and then go back, it will reset the whole structure. Can't use it yet.
Really handy! Organization finally possible for advanced users.
Would be a full five-star if the bottom +/-/folder bar could be hidden, and the empty space on the left when icons are hidden was eliminated; screen real-estate is precious, even just a handful of pixels here and there add up fast in a production environment.
Very simple and good plugin, a must have if you have many scenes and need to organize them! Maybe it would be interesting to be able to put colors on folders and scenes like for sources. GJ !
gj :)