Scene Notes Dock

Scene Notes Dock 0.2.0

Very good. But it lacks some advanced features like the way to add a global note for all notes, and a way to automatically save notes in HTML files with the name of the scene, to avoid bloating the scene collection with extra lines (it can be already heavy if we had tens of scenes).
Simple and useful. I use to copy and paste other streamers that put the link on game chat or things to remember during the stream.
I love it! When I start working with a plugin sometimes it's not straight forward. Sometimes the default setting doesn't give me much to go on. I sometimes think it might not be intended for my Mac. However, after playing around with it I might get it to work. I was thinking wouldn't it be great if I could take "notes" to remember the settings if I don't go back to it for a while and VOILA! I remembered I had downloaded Exeldro's plugin a while back and this allows me to do this! Thank You Exeldro!
Really helpful tool.
Very handy tool for keeping a track of all your scene-specific to-do's, to-don'ts, tips and tricks, and what not.
Great resource, I would love to see this with a "flip" view to facilitate viewing notes on a mirrored teleprompter.
This plugin comes in clutch! Thank you good sir Exeldro.
Such a simple concept expertly executed. So handy you'd think it would have been a part of OBS already. Highly recommended! Works with OBS 28.
EXCELLENT plugin for OBS! :D Super thankful for all the hard work from this creator! :)
Fantastic plugin!! A must have if you want to keep track and keep notes for all your scenes in your production!
Such a useful plugin! Thanks so much
Top class performance from a top class plugin creator!
Great Plug-In for Conf Calls and Classes
Love how useful this will be, seems like I always need to leave notes and this is going to make it so much easier
Such a simple yet effective plugin
Simple and effective! Thanks so much for time and effort Exeldro
Thank you for all your wonderful plugins. I enjoy them all. The OBS community are indebted to you. Thank you sir.
So useful for taking notes during the stream. Thank you Exeldro!