Scene Collection Manager

Scene Collection Manager 0.1.1

Great help!
Brilliant as ever
Simple and effective disaster recovery. Thank you!
Excellent plugin and simple to use! Really Useful!!!!
Good plugin, though it has a few unfortunate behaviors which I found out after spending a few hours making adjustments:
- Double clicking a Backup loads it without confirming
- It doesn't backup the current Scene Collection before it loads
- It then for some reason it takes a backup only after loading a backup (I have Automatic backups on)

It also seems to take a while to load as the backups pile up
It'd be good if the above were adjusted, and it was possible to skip backups when nothing has changed since the last one
Buen complemento, una consulta se podra hacer que se guarde tambien el tiempo en el que se quedo un video? es una funcion que obs no tiene al exportar escenas, y es muy util
Literally useless. Does not do anything. Just imports/exports Scene Collections, a thing OBS can already do.
Core OBS does not do the automatic backup option and it does not put all resources in the folder when exporting.