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Free rWatchdog - Protect your Desktop RC1

When using Capturecards you always have one Problem.
An Accidental ALT-TAB will expose your Desktop to the Recording / Stream.

rWatchdog is here to Watch current active Application and once this changes will Switch the Scene to a Defined alternative (Pause) Scene.
It Will Switch Back to Broadcast Scene once you reenter your Application

Requires obs-websocket plugin (included):

How to install:
1. Download
2. Extract the file (you can put the folder "rWatchdog" anywhere you want on the PC that is to be Protected
3. Download and install the latest version of websocket-plugin from on your Streaming PC
4. In OBS Studio menu, go to "Tools"->"Websocket server settings"
5. Uncheck "Enable System Tray Alerts" (unless you want to get spammed)
6. Create a Windows Shortcut or a start.bat to Start.
Start it

Alternative 6. If you dont know your Appname (Windowname) of the Application you wanna Stream just start the Watchdog without any Parameter. It Will switch to "Audit" Mode and Report any current Active Window. You can simply copy Paste the Window Name then as a Start Parameter

Example for Windows shortcut - replace 192.168.. with IP of ur StreamingPC
"c:\Path\to\Watchdog\rWatchdog.exe" /app="Apex Legends" /sp="Pausescene" /sb="Broadcast Scene" /svr="ws://" /pass="supersecret"

Recommended: Use only CUT scene transition as any Fade might be to slow.

Why do we have to use Start Parameter and not a shiny nice Menu in APP?
This is Intentional to be flexible as possible as most people needing this Probably using Streamdeck/Touchportal/Whatever easiest all in one Integration is Start Parameters.

Why does the Switch Back to Broadcast take so long
This is intentional. Switching Back to Broadcast has a Delay of 3 seconds.
Some Capturecard cloning method, specially on Windows 11, can have some wierd effects that Report already active Window but take 1-2 Seconds. So better safe than sorry.

I want to Show my Desktop do i have to stop the Application
No, if you manually Switch to a Scene AFTER the Dog switches you to Pause
it will not Switch you back to Pause until you hit your Target Application again.
This is also intentional to not send you into switching Hell.

So for example. Ur in Game Tab to any other App - Dog switches to Pause. You manually Switch back to Broadcast and Tab around. Nothing will happen. You Switch back into your Game, Dog will switch to Broadcast and will switch back to Pause at your next ALT-TAB

May sound confusing but just try it out, it will make sense why i do that

I minimized rWatchdog now i cant find it.
Look at ur Tray/Hidden next to the Clock behind the arrow. This App Lives in the Doghouse (Systemtray) not on the Taskbar. so it wont bother and can run indefinitely there.
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