[RUS] StreamAuction (using StreamElements points)

Free [RUS] StreamAuction (using StreamElements points) 2.0


(пока только русский язык)
(only Russian language now, but it doesn't ruin most features)


Инструкции к программе в самой программе, кнопка ПОМОЩЬ справа снизу.

Проведение аукционов с помощью StreamElements поинтов. Зрители пытаются выкупить свой товар с помощью простой команды в чате.

Функции и особенности:
-интеграция со StreamElements
-сортируемый неограниченный список заказов
-быстрая настройка с отдельного конфигуратора
-установка минимальной суммы для заказа
-настраиваемый таймер
-отключение заказов
-автодобавление времени в таймер с новым заказом
-возможность выкупа
-окно истории
-быстрое добавление товара в новый ряд
-добавление суммы в существующий товар прямиком из очереди заказов
-ответы бота на заказы, с возможностью отключения
-подробная статистика
-возможность сменить фон программы
-не требует установки

EN (sorry if it's bad):
This is another interesting interaction with your chat with using StreamElements points system. It's Point Auction. Users in chat spend their points to try win the auction with the biggest sum.
-integration with StreamElements
-sortable unlimited order list
-quick setup from a separate configurator
-setting the minimum order amount
-configurable timer
-stop take orders while timer is paused
-auto-adding time to the timer with a new order (can be disabled)
-buyout (can be disabled)
-history of orders
-quick addition of goods to a new row
-adding an amount to an existing product straight from the order queue
-bot replies to orders (can be disabled)
-space to rules than will not cover orders-table that can be edit right in the program (can be disabled)
-detailed statistics
-the ability to change the background of the program
-does not require installation


Before the start:

unzip it
open auconfig.exe.
First step: type your channel name. Click "Next" (Установить имя канала)
Second step: open https://streamelements.com/dashboard/account/channels and copy Channel ID to programm. Click bottom button.
Third step: in the same https://streamelements.com/dashboard/account/channels click "Show secrets" and copy big JWT code. Paste in program. Click bottom button.
Now you can test it (with bottom button). If you did all right - StreamElements will send message with your nickname in your chat. If it did't happen - you did mistake somewhere. Restart auconfig and do 3 steps again. Program create "channelsecrets" file in program directory. DONT SHOW IT!
Yes, bot message will be on russian language, it's OK. In auction program you can disable any bot answers.

you can edit config by start auconfig again or edit "channelsecrets" file manually in any moment

Now you can start Auction program.

(to move window hold space on timer)
to order something users in chat should type "!auc <amount> <order>". For example: !auc 150 Witcher 3. This command will take 150 StreamElements points from user and add order "Witcher 3" with 150 cost to queue.

Left from timer you can set minimum amout to order.

have 5 buttons to control it:
fast-control buttons "+1", "+2", "-1" than change time by increasing it by 1 minute/2 minute/decreasing by 1 minute.
Custom time set (type int and click "set").

Under timer four main settings:

-automatic add X (editable) secs when order happens (every successful order will add X seconds to timer)
-enable your own rules. Creating space to write your own rules on the auction (don't order unbeatable games/don't order multiplayer games/don't order anime games for ex.). Rules don't cover main table with orders. It will save after program close. (while it enabled - there are to buttons under it to change font size)
-allow buyout by X. If someone donate X points in one order if this function is enabled - this order will be winner instantly, timer will stop and users can no longer order anything alse. You will be notified when it will happen
-enable bot replyes. (only Russian replyes supported yet) "You order have been accepted/You don't have enough points/etc.)

Under this you can see window with next order in the queue with Nickname, Cost and Order text (Nickname and Cost will be hide if queue is empty). And three options to control it:

-Next (След) - display next order in the queue. Click it means you have already processed current order. Anyway, it will be save in history.
-Refund (Вернуть) - refund points to buyer and skip current order.
-Add as new row (Добавить в новый ряд) - click it will add current order in table as new row with same cost. It's fast way to add new goods to table (if you already have this good in table click "Add as new" will add it as different one and will not combine it costs! Be careful!)

Four bottom right info buttons (from left side, ONLY RUSSIAN):

-Statistic(статистика) - it will show after first order. Contains: Order count, Accepted orders points count, Refund orders count, refund orders points count, time passed while timer was active, user with biggest orders count and sum of its points, biggest order, all-orders points count.
-Actions(действия) - what you did in this program (log if you skipped order or missclick somewhere)
-History(история). Nickname/order/cost/timestamp. Sortable.
-Help(помощь). Instruction like this, but in russian.

And main space - table. It will contain no rows from the start. To create row:
-click "Add good" (добавить товар) at the bottom left. It will create empty row.
-click "Add as new row" (добавить в новый ряд) under next order window. Doesn't work if queue is empty.

Table has 6 columns:
1) good/order. Editable.
2) Total cost of this good (table auto-sorted by this columd). Editable.
3) "++" - when you click it program will automatic add cost from next order in queue to current total cost. It can be helpful if good is already in table and you want just sum costs.
4 and 5) Ways to add custom count to current row. Just type any points you need and click "+".
6) Delete current row and all information in it.
If you press LEFT CONTROL on keyboard "++" and "+" will change to "--" and "-". While in this state buttons will decrease total cost, not increase. Press LEFT CONTROL again to change state.

How to change background:

just paste .png file with 1600x900 size in program folder. Name it "background". Don't forget to backup old background

Auction don't work if stream is sub-only (stream, not chat).

My comments:
sorry for my english again. I'm so bad in it.
Maybe in future i will translate program on English.
Twitch didn't open API to control Twitch channel points, so it's only StreamElements points yet.
Write if you have bad experience. I need to know about every problem to solve it in future versions.
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