Restream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms!

Free Restream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms! 2.2

OBS has just updated to support Restream and our brand new set of widgets!

What's new
• Added Restream instant login!
• Added the Restream Chat widget.
• Added a Restream Title & Game widget.

Learn more here:
We’re leaving Flash in the Past with our new HTML5 Preview Player update! Now you can preview your stream easily, quickly and seamlessly across all devices at any time.

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Bonjour Paris, we’re excited to unveil our brand new server located in the heart of the city of love! Now even more streamers can start Restreaming to their audience today.

Head over to the Restream Dashboard now to try it out!

Grow your audience even faster by adding FC2 as a streaming destination on your next stream! Need help getting FC2 setup? Check out this Help Doc written by our fantastic support rep Mihail.

Kon'nichiwa Nihon, We've added a new server location in Japan to help streamers across the world connect and share their favorite moments live on all their favorite platforms.​

We've just released a brand new feature! Restream Monitor, now you can view your streams quality in real time!