Realy a super, ultra handy tool. Nice job you have done her. I seem to have an issue with NDI as a source, I push a WebCam feed thru NDI, it does not catch the total amount of ms, unless i have de NDI souce bas a reference on the scene I am at when hitting the HotKey. please look into it.
Sources that are not rendered are not captured, you can make sure the NDI source is rendered by opening a projector of the source or of a scene the source is in or open the multiview.
this plugin keeps crashing my laptop can you suggest a solution
as it has what i want to do
That depends on the reason of the crash, most likely the replay is to long for the amount of memory your system has available.
Works great with my webcams.
I liked the plugin very well done to repeat a video
Native instant replays within OBS with the click of a button...what's there not to LOVE about it?
Hi, Love the plug-in .. works on my mac buy the win64 version does not show up im sources in OBS Studio .. I have followed the install instructions very carefully . Anything I may have missed? Thanks
It's a magnificent and useful plugin. The only thing that would make it great is the ability to save replays to disk.
first time good, but tomorrow my obs always not respon :)
maybe my pc not enough ram
Amazing plugin!
Works great. Consumes a lot of ram. Would be perfect if it had the option to change back to another scene after the replay finished, instead of just hiding or looping.
There is now a first implementation for changing scenes in version 0.1.1
Much more options than previous I tried.
Incredible set of features. So powerful!

For some reason, the audio and video are synchronized upon first playback, but when it automatically repeats the audio is always 1 to 2 seconds behind... I can time the delay in my video editor if it would help to debug this. Just let me know.
Buen dia , se va a actualizar este plugin para poder utilizar en OBS 29.1.0-rc1?
There are many small bugs to fix, but it removes nothing to the quality and the prupose of the plugin... It's great... i'm using it with 3 cameras, having a replay for each of them, even if the camera is not the on the chosen scene... When it works works the saved replays are great (replayed during halftime)... Great idea, great job, great tool !!!
Very nice plugin, works well. But every time I close OBS it crashes, then I have to delete my Scene and start again. I see more users suffer from this, is there a bug fix for this?
Best idea! Don't stop it))
very good plugins,I love it!!
Muchas gracias por actualizarlo , este complemento es la base de mis transmisiones
Awesome plugin man, having a bunch of fun with this. Unfortunately for me, setting the replay length to 10000ms(10sec) is making OBS use a massive 17gb of RAM. Is this normal? Even if I hide the source or switch to another scene without the source the RAM usage doesn't go down. Am I doing something wrong here or is that normal usage?