It would be absolutely amazing if it were possible to select program as a replay source and to automatically switch to the previous scene after the replay has finished playing
Excellent plugin, the best for making replays. I have a problem of noise in the audio in the videos saved in flv. I tried several settings and nothing worked, can anyone help me?
I have to close OBS for it to take another freeze frame. Works the first time, after that... it keeps cycling back to the first one. No bueno.
Does this work on macOS Monterey?
I'm unable to find it after following Andilippi's tutorial.
Very nice plugin, works well. But every time I close OBS it crashes, then I have to delete my Scene and start again. I see more users suffer from this, is there a bug fix for this?
Amazing plugin!
The function of coming back to the last scene after the entire clip ended is what I was looking for, but the RAM went from 800mb to 9gb...
The plugin stores the replay not encoded or compressed in memory. If you want less memory usage you can look at the replay buffer or source recording.
Great plugin and I have got it working kind of how I want to ,but I cannot get it to replay the audio yet when the clip is saved the audio is working on the replay file. Any advice?
very good plugins,I love it!!
This is a very good plugin that helps a lot in some interesting moments. I recommend downloading and installing it.
Easy to use and in my case I didn't use a lot of resources.

I hope in the future for the opportunity to choose many audio devices or grouped ones.
first time good, but tomorrow my obs always not respon :)
maybe my pc not enough ram
I love the idea of this, and when it works without affecting the stream, it's awesome. I create a pretty cool "Instant Replay" type feature using this.

I am having audio desync issues since installing this plugin though. After streaming for a little bit, the audio for my capture card ends up falling behind the video. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

I am running 28 GBs of RAM, so it shouldn't be that I wouldn't think.
The idea is amazing but mi RAM usage went from 700mb up to 6GB idk if there is any optimizations for this
Amazing tool for replays but is there a possibility to save te captured files to mp4 and not flv because I'm working on directly uploading videos to my website and flv files are not supported :/
Great Ideas. But just cannot get it to work without crashing. I keep deinstalling and working without it because crashes are so frequent. But then I keep coming back to it to try to see if bugs fixed because it really is a cool plugin...

I just spent quite a bit of time creating some simple scenes to try to replicate the bug. For sure if you use the "Start Delay" field (I used two seconds) the %INDEX% starts to show some really long floating point numbers and then it will crash soon after.

I have posted the scene collection, crash log and log files at this dropbox link if it helps:

The provided crash log is a crash in obs-websocket.dll during the shutdown of OBS, that seems unrelated to this plugin.
Is it a crash or is it a freeze of the application?
Incredible set of features. So powerful!

For some reason, the audio and video are synchronized upon first playback, but when it automatically repeats the audio is always 1 to 2 seconds behind... I can time the delay in my video editor if it would help to debug this. Just let me know.
I just tested this plugin
It has a good function, simple to configure but it use more and more RAM
Improvement suggestion : when the replay was going end, active an hotkey. Why this suggestion, I want to activate a move-transition after the replay is done

I hope you can understant why it use a lot of RAM and you can rediuce it

great job

My configuration :
Ubuntu 20.04
Proc : i7-2640M
Ram 8go
Hi , Dowloaded for macOS , Not opening the setup file as it is saying “replay-source-2020-09-11-2ea75cf75df7b6b292c202bd31159e0b150db92f-macos.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.

Please help
Sorry I don't own a Mac and am not a Mac developer. You can ignore that message and install anyway or if you want to be sure the app is free from malware you can make the plugin from the source code that is available on github.
this plugin keeps crashing my laptop can you suggest a solution
as it has what i want to do
That depends on the reason of the crash, most likely the replay is to long for the amount of memory your system has available.
I love the level of control over direction and speed for replaying as well as navigation between replays. One problem I have is that I have a scene where I capture my Zoom.exe window and then my student can play on their piano I am able to replay what they played forwards and backwards in slow motion for them to see. Only problem is that only seems to capture one scene when it is active, rather than whatever is being streamed like the built-in Replay Buffer does - no matter what scene I have selected. So when I switch to my other scenes, it will only capture a black screen. I understand that it only renders what is visible, but the built-in replay buffer records WHATEVER is streamed (I push mine through obs virtualcam). Is there a way that an option could be added for similar functionality. I always use a windowed projector to see what I am streaming but this plugin can't see that for some reason. The forward/reverse and playback speed options as well as display are awesome and much better than switching to vlc to play the built-in replay buffer's saved files, but without a capture of my stream it is of limited use...