Recursion Effect

Recursion Effect 0.0.4

hihi! wishing for an extra decimal place with scale X/Y. .01 is too much for an effect i'm looking to create
Thank you!
I use this to get something behind my overlays as I stream VR and to maximize FoV I run a more square output with overlays to either side, so the stream is still widescreen. I also use it in camera shots where I have some empty space, for a (I am told) mesmerizing effect where there would otherwise be black void!

Lovely filter that I've at the time of writing has used for about 8 months without issues
Really fun. Gonna use it on my Halloween stream. I wish there was a decay so recursed images faded out after a bit to be replaced by new ones, but it looks really cool as is
You can add decay by combing it with a color correction filter giving the source a bit of opacity