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Prosense stitcher for OBS Studio 2017-12-21

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows team proudly announces 360 degree video stitcher plugin for OBS Studio.

This plugin is made as filter and transforms fish eye image into equirectangular one.

Key features:

  • Support up to 100 sources
  • Any resolution and framerate that OBS supports
  • Stiching with PtGUI or Hugin projects
  • Built-in alpha mask filter

This plugin is free and open source (GPLv2). For those who wants full set of free utilities I made Hugin files support. Workflow with OBS, Hugin and GIMP was tested. Instruction will be released as soon as I translate it into English (DONE).

How to install
Download self-extracting archive. Choose a path where OBS Studio is installed. If it's in Program Files you should run archiver as admin.

How to use
  1. Add "Prosense stitcher" filter to each source.
  2. Choose PtGUI or Hugin project file.
  3. Set resolution to canvas size.
  4. Choose mask image. It should be equirectangular PNG with alpha channel.
  5. Choose image number as it was in PtGUI/Hugin.

In Hugin you should add lens for each image!

Linux (OpenGL) support was tested but needs shader modifications to work.
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