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OBS Python Project mapped scenes 1.0

This script automatically projects the scene that the current scene is mapped to within the properties of this script (OBS script menu).

This script was made for a conference, where the speaker's laptop output would go through the streaming/recording PC, and we want to handle remote speakers as well. So to reduce the load on the operator, and improve consistency, this script was made to handle all projection changes automatically.
We don't want to show whatever is currently being streamed for example, as we never need to project the camera of the in-person speaker, but we would for a remote speaker.

Example setup:
Screenshot 2022-08-06 181134.jpg

Note that there are no default scene names, but it's easy to add those in the script as the skeleton is all there, for if you have a setup that you need to re-produce multiple times as we would.
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