PipeWire Audio Capture

PipeWire Audio Capture 1.1.4

I honestly dont understand why this plugin is not built in directly into OBS
Great Plug In. This helps me with my multi sound devices System and pipewire. The built in pulse audio in obs breaks my sound system, if i have more then one card active.
I really don't know how to express how relieved i am, this plugin is a game changer for me, automating the process of connecting audio sources to OBS's to a JACK client manually via qpwgraph with the only purpose of separating audio tracks and leaving the first as a combination of Desktop Audio + clever OBS audio sources with monitor only enabled. With this i can finally only add my frequent per-app sources/mics to a nested scene, and add the leftovers per scene. Really, thank you very much.
[I'd love to use this, but I'm having trouble with it. No applications show up for selection (not sure if they should but I also don't know another way to add them). I might have installed it incorrectly but I'm not too sure. I extracted it to the appropriate folders but I'm not sure if I did it right.]

I got it to work! I just installed it very wrong. My apologies. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much.
Its newer and may have some quirks, but it does what it saysand solved some serious problems for me
Do you mind expanding on the "quirks"?