PED Scoreboard

Free PED Scoreboard 0.6.0

  • new keyboard shortcut: k for strike (in addition to s)
  • new keyboard shortcut: c for reset count
Version 0.5.0 2021/05/28
  • keyboard shortcuts are ignored when entering a team name or color
  • keyboard shortcuts are ignored if middle or end of inning
  • new keyboard shortcut: r for run (visitor if top of inning, home if bottom of inning)
  • new keyboard shortcut: h for hit (visitor if top of inning, home if bottom of inning)
  • new keyboard shortcut: e for error (home if top of inning, visitor if bottom of inning)
  • new keyboard shortcut: p for progress (moves from top to middle to bottom to end of inning and repeats)
  • new button: FINAL, shows "F/X" in progress area, where X = inning
  • the font Bebas Neue now loads directly from Google Fonts and you don't have to install it on your own
  • rearranged / cleaned up the control window
  • if you clear a base, and all bases are now empty, the graphic in the Scoreboard Window now properly updates
  • base graphics are now clear inside and won't clash if you change the Stats background color
  • keyboard shortcuts: b for ball, s for strike, o for outs
  • keyboard shortcuts: 1 toggles first base, 2 toggles second base, 3 toggles third base
  • if you are in the MID or END of an inning, balls/strikes/outs are now ignored. they will flash red to remind you to advance the inning progress
Capture b.PNG
Along with generating the text files that OBS uses (and lining up the text files over a graphic), now PED Scoreboard generates a complete Scoreboard Window. This window can be inserted into OBS and will synchronize with the control window.

The goal is to cover a wide range of sports. However, Baseball is still the only full sport realistically supported right now. You can continue to use the control window to update text files for any sport. For example, a basic football/soccer match could use the Visitor Name & Score, Home Name & Score, and Inning (period) controls. However, there is not (yet) a Football/Soccer Scoreboard Window.

The Visitor, Home, and Stats background colors are customizable. When you restart PED Scoreboard, the Team Names and all colors are remembered.

Reminder: make sure to download the Bebas Neue font to match the graphic. In the future, you will be able to choose among different fonts.
  • reduced automation timeout from 12 seconds to 10 seconds
  • on Ball 4, Count was not resetting - fixed
  • changed default Visitor/Home names to WARRIORS/MUSTANGS
  • after Out 3, Count now resets
  • when entering MID or END of inning, baserunners automatically clear
  • added RESET COUNT button
  • removed space in 2-digit innings: TOP 10 becomes TOP10 so it fits better - not a perfect solution, as the space character was narrower than a number
  • resetting the count will now clear the text completely instead of setting to "0 - 0"
  • resetting outs at the end of a half-inning clears the Outs text completely instead of setting to "0 OUTS"
  • starting a half-inning restores Outs text to "0 OUTS"
  • on Ball 4, put a runner on 1st, advance any other runners, increase score if bases were loaded
    • note: for now, if you cancel, you'll have to reset the runners and subtract any score manually
  • added CLEAR BASES button