Open Randomizer Tracker

Free Open Randomizer Tracker 1.1.0

New Ocarina of Time tracker and Zelda 1 tracker! Download now at:


Lots of new stuff and now stable! Go download it at
  • Customization options such as coloring and padding.
  • Game title can now have multiple lines.
  • Extra fonts were added.
  • Layout has been adjusted because of these extra features.
  • Timer now toggles with F1 key. F2 key has been removed.
  • Language support now available for Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Russian.
  • Link to the Past Module:
    • Ganon and Ganon's Tower crystal counter added.
    • Low-Color icon for tunics to match other menu icons used.
    • Ganon's Tower icon has been replaced.
    • Style adjustments
  • Bug Fix: Timer can be paused now correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Timer couldn't be used in chrome because of keybindings, PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN now control the timer. See the help dialog for details.
  • Security, Webpack, and Package Updates.