Open Joystick Display

Free Open Joystick Display 2.7.1

Great program. You can download it, add it to whatever and it seems very responsive.
An elegent piece of software that does exactly what it says it does. A helpful dev that is more than open to help you with any concerns you may have which really helps this program shine!
After noticing a certain theme was missing for pro controllers I asked about it and within a few days it was patched and I was given resources to build my own colours. A great help
A1 software A1 developer.. programs is updated regularly, UI is very easy to use and well designed, having a desktop based application is so much better than using a web based controller overlay, and allows for user development an simply more customization overall! retroweeb is an awesome guy! No seriously!! he has been so helpful in helping me design my own custom scuf overlay and even went through the work of making a full developer write up for those interested in creating their own overlays! again couldn't be more happy with discovering this program! would recommend
I'm new to streaming, and I always wanted a customizable input plugin. Open Joystick Display meets all of my needs. Anything from custom binds, themes, and controller types, to a user-friendly GUI and interface on top of an incredibly easy installation. As a power user, I can appreciate how much time and effort went into making this fantastic plugin for beginners. I'm glad the development team has provided this tool for free. Keep up the great work!
Couldn't ask for a better piece of software to display my controller inputs on stream. Easy to use UI, easy to re-map buttons, and pre-mapped to use various controllers with different skins.

Programs infrequently updated and the dev is generally pretty open for suggestions! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Made an OBS forums account just so I could rate this amazing piece of software!