OBS-Websocket Tally Light α

Free OBS-Websocket Tally Light α α1.3

This small "webpage" connects to any OBS instance on the local network and displays either the stream status (live/offline) or tally information for different scenes or sources(on air/in preview/neither).

Live demo


There is not that much to set up:
  • Install the awesome obs-websocket plugin by Palakis (tested with version 4.9.1)
  • Open the "Tools" menu in OBS and select "websocket server settings"
  • Make sure that "Enable Websocket server" is checked, "Server Port" is 4444 and "Enable authentication" is unchecked
  • Download the latest release below
α 1.4Download MediaFireDownload Google DriveGownload GitHubcurrently indev
α 1.3Download MediaFireDownload Google DriveDownload GitHublatest release
α 1.2Download MediaFireDownload Google DriveDownload GitHubOUTDATED
α 1.1Download MediaFireDownload Google DriveDownload GitHubOUTDATED
α 1.0Download MediaFireDownload Google DriveDownload GitHubOUTDATED

If you dont already have a Webserver set up you can follow this tutorial.

Now you can throw the folder into the directory of the webserver.

  • OBS-Websockt plugin
  • Script funtion
  • Digital clock
  • Online offline tally
  • Automatic IP browser cookie
In Progress
  • Livestream viewer with/without tally
  • Recording status
  • Compleat new design refresh
General Usage
  • Open the Index.html in a web browser (On a pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Press the "Tally" button
  • You can change the ip here to the address of your obs machine. If you edited it in the file as mentioned above it will show up here already filled in.
  • Click on the "Connect Websocket" button
  • If the connection to the obs machine was successful, a list of buttons will show up with all your scenes and sources from obs and another button on top called "Stream Status"
Show Stream Status
  • Click the "Stream Status" button
  • That's it. It will show OFFLINE and a black background if you're not streaming and LIVE with a red background when the stream is live
Show Scene Tally
  • Click on the scene name you want that are listed under "Scenes"
  • It will show the name of the scene on top of the page.
  • If the scene is neither in preview or program, the background will be black
  • If the scene is in preview, the background will be green
  • If the scene is in program, the background will be red
  • If a transition (like a fade) is started where the destination scene is the scene you selected, then it will light up red
  • If studio mode is disabled there will be only a red and black display, no green
Show Source Tally
You can also show the tally status for individual sources. Every scene that contains that source will be handled like described in Show Scene Tally above. The page will update the scenes every 30 seconds in case you add the source to a new scenes after starting the tally. But i recommend to reload the page.
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. A NEW UPTADE for the Obs websocket tally ligtht - α1.3

    The new alpha version α1.3 includes following changes: Graphical tweaks Browser cookie to save...
  2. OBS-Websocket Tally Light α1.2

    Added features: Design update Script and tally at the same time Help-button is now working

Latest reviews

Very handy and reliable. Would there be a way to automate the websocket connections so they will be set up same as last time when OBS launches? I would like to make this hands-off for volunteers. Thanks!
Very good Idea with much potential for the future. Keep developing it!
Thank you
i definitely will keep developing the tally light.
Nice work. I like it.
Tally have a litte bit of delay when the scene goes out
thank you for the review.
It can happen when a scene transition effect is set. The little webpage waits until the transition is finished. At the time 2 scenes are active.