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    Plugin no longer disables itself if it could not start properly. Menu options to restart the...

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Amazing plugin, but no v28 support yet. crossing my fingers!
This is an amazing extension that allows you to separate audio tracks from your voicemeeter to OBS. But with the new OBS update, it broke many widgets including. I would greatly appreciate it if the author could update this so it would work with newer obs versions <3
0.0.1 version works (sometimes) but the "* rating is for the v1.0. it really does not deserve that "1.0" mark. it needs prequisitives which the initial version dont, It crashes every time you change the input modes to main/input/output.

the idea and value of such plugin is irreplaceable but at it s currently state v 1.0 is totally broken on my side while 0.0.1 version works generally works but every third of the time of a new OBS launch, sounds gets distorted and the whole OS's sounds broken. Only way to fix it is to either shutdown voicemeeter or change voicemeeter's "preferred sample rate" option to 44100 or 48000hz but then the plugin stops working completely until next OBS launch which might also re-introduce the distorted broken audio over the whole OS.
This is a very cool plugin. I haven't needed it for the latency, but it helped to add more channels for separate obs mixing. It also allowed my to separate my DAW(using v-ASIO) from main audio, giving me a more flexible setup.
The only issue is that the "voicemeeter insert" options don't like compositing, post-fades, or fx-inserts; and the "voicemeeter main" option crashes obs repeatably for me. (I'm guessing "voicemeeter main" would give me access to the post fade stuff?)
Keep up the great work; the voicemeeter API looks confusing!
Works very well. Thank you for this excellent contribution.
One issue that may come from the voicemeeter api is that OBS voicemeeter only seems to access the pre-processed signal in the voicemeeter input.
I am using Cantabile vsthost to add an instrument and/or fx using voicemeeter potato insert device in cantabile and also activate the L/R patch inserts (in voicemeeter->system settings->patch insert) so that the cantabile-instrument sounds/fx are inserted into the voicemeeter strip.
This work fine, except that the OBS voicemeeter input doesn't "see" this new/modified signal at all because it passes OBS the signal PRIOR to Cantabile manipulating it...
Would there be a way to add a pre-post option so that we could specify whether to extract pre/post fx from the voicemeeter input? Once again, voicemeeter api might not provide you this option...
This plugin lets you have infinite flexiblity with your recordings. It lets you have un-tainted, unducked- ungated audio along with the usual audio captures that you get with the multi track features of OBS.

Also this plugin does not have you reconfigure audio sources upon changing the usb ports or the device's names.

It lets you have multiple version of the same source without causing havoc on your OBS.

By the help of this plugin, you can have the usual game audio or or your mic sources that you can audio-duck and also their pure RAW form.

for ex. since you normally should use ducking on your game audio when you or your friends from the chat talk, your game audio will always go up and down. But if you would try to add another copy of your audio source with no ducking effects, you cant. you can dublicate audio sources and have different effects on each.

Well this plugin lets you do that. Just add a voicemeeter source (that this plugin introduces to OBS) in "input mode" so none of your gating, ducking


The voicemeeter sources that you add, if set on input mode, does not work on program launch. You have to switch the mode of the source to output, hit ok and revert to input everytime.

Also, if you restart the audio engine of Voicemeeter during the OBS sessions, all audio is lost, you have to close and re-open the OBS.

These minor annoyances keep me from making tutorials and spread the word out for this plugin. A

And the developer does not seem interested in further development.
Needs slight improvements.

At the moment Voicemeeter channels are unlabeled and separated, leaving the user to manually assign channels 1:1 from VM to OBS, with some confusion about the different VM stages, and 8 unlabeled channel outputs per output strip.

Seems to provide good customization however, if you can tell what is what (which I couldn't).

It would be more user friendly, if the basic settings let you customize the channels, and automatically mapped Left, Right etc, leaving swapping or substituting channels to the advanced settings.

It wasn't immediately obvious to me that you could add multiple Voice Meeter sources to a scene, once you understand that, you can mix volume to your hearts content.
I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by unlabeled? They're listed in order and labelled. The stages refer to the three different points at which voicemeeter gives you the ability to modify the audio, these also correspond to the 3 virtual asio devices voicemeeter installs so that you can process their audio with VSTs.

The plugin is much like any other audio source, multiples of it can certainly be added.

I'll come up with something to label the channels.
I'm a big fan of everything 'VoiceMeeter' and I've got to say, this is right on the mark. It's very simple and barebones, but I can't really think of any features to stack ontop of what's being offered here (direct connectivity).

I'd like to, however, add that I ran into an issue where all of my VoiceMeeter-sources in OBS stopped working. In their source properties they just 'existed', and referred to nothing (as if the plugin wasn't even installed). I have no clue where to even begin recreating the scenario to give you a more accurate description of what the problem really was. I was messing around just about everywhere in OBS at that time. Just a quick OBS restart solved the issue. Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, this one is definetly a keeper for me!
Due to the remote api I was given to work with I only check to see if Voicemeeter is installed / running at the start. I haven't gotten a response from them, but presumably they're working on shipping remote api dlls which will allow the plugin to auto-start Voicemeeter if you've forgotten. (However from my testing w/ my install this function did not work, but did gracefully fail).

TLDR; Make sure the application is running before you start OBS. And I'm crossing fingers they'll have implemented their api fully soon.