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Uses Voicmeeter's remote api to gain access to audio buffers before output to wasapi drivers. Gives the ability to mix inputs freely.
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Latest reviews

I'm a big fan of everything 'VoiceMeeter' and I've got to say, this is right on the mark. It's very simple and barebones, but I can't really think of any features to stack ontop of what's being offered here (direct connectivity).

I'd like to, however, add that I ran into an issue where all of my VoiceMeeter-sources in OBS stopped working. In their source properties they just 'existed', and referred to nothing (as if the plugin wasn't even installed). I have no clue where to even begin recreating the scenario to give you a more accurate description of what the problem really was. I was messing around just about everywhere in OBS at that time. Just a quick OBS restart solved the issue. Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, this one is definetly a keeper for me!
Due to the remote api I was given to work with I only check to see if Voicemeeter is installed / running at the start. I haven't gotten a response from them, but presumably they're working on shipping remote api dlls which will allow the plugin to auto-start Voicemeeter if you've forgotten. (However from my testing w/ my install this function did not work, but did gracefully fail).

TLDR; Make sure the application is running before you start OBS. And I'm crossing fingers they'll have implemented their api fully soon.