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OBS-VirtualCam 2.0.4

- Change ffmpeg dependency for OBS 24 ( Don't use this version if you haven't updated OBS )
Sorry for late update , the version 2.0.1 can't be register correctly with fresh installation of obs-studio 22.
This new installer will install the lack of ffmpeg components to prevent this issue.
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  • Add virtual-cam filter for source output, inspired by ndi-filter plugin.(Only support obs-studio 21.0.0+ )
  • Deprecate crop feature .
  • Increase directshow interfcae(obs-camera 2-4) for sink.
  • Change build system to visual studio 2017.
  • Change license to GPL-2.0 .
    Information : You can do similar things on Linux by this experiment project now .
Remove dummy registry which cause conflict with skype
- Add horizontal flip option ( For some app flip image like google hangouts)
- Add keep aspect ratio option ( Maintain aspect ratio by filling black bars when the output region is not same aspect ratio as camera)
- Fix unity-base app can not open virtual camera issue (source : Reddit Post)
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- fix crash issue when open camera and OBS in the same time (usually happen when loop back camera to OBS)
- fix new version adobe flash player can't open camera issue.
- fix crash problem when using 4k resolution
- fix format compatibility issue which cause Genymotion can't use virtual-cam
- add reset option in crop region
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- Add autostart option
- Add crop feature
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1.01 update
Fix format issue
Reduce delay restriction