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OBS-VirtualCam 2.0.4


I have no problem WHATSOEVER when using this with any other app or program, but as soon as I try turn my virtual camera on with Discord then it crashes Discord. I put up with it for so long, but I can't deal with it anymore, I always have to use CTRL + R to restart Discord in hopes it will work this time, but more often than not, it freezes ALL of Discord.

Works like a charm. Have enjoyed this plugin for many years on Windows. Thank you for your work. :)

Apparently, there is a new version for download.
Its Good when it works. Every time I turn it off and try to turn it back on, I get "Failed to start output" and have to uninstall and reinstall. apart from that it is good.
Interesting if it wasn't for the problem of video delay on audio. The virtualCam does not apply the delay changes on Audio-options-advanced.

Streaming without virtualCal is fine of course, of course the workstation is of the latest generation
Crashed OBS (25.0.0) when I tick the Global Horizontal Flip setting. Otherwise a perfect solution for conferencing and the lot.
Great plugin! Works OTB with OBS 64 bit. Tested on jitsi and Hangouts - perfect. Only 1 niggle - doesn't present your video conference software with a virtual microphone to select.
Excellent, i can integrated it with vMix too. Very useful Plugin Thanks.
And vMix can External Output too to OBS, just like this plugin does.
very useful plugin! thx!
anyway, can you support 90 degree rotate transform? as you already supported horizontal flip.
cause sometimes we want push stream with landscape view in to a mobile phone with a portrait view
Huge potential, excellent idea!
This would be so much better with a virtual microphone. It just isn't the same without one.

Other than that, this plugin is great and has worked flawlessly.
I use this Software to add effects like Chroma Key at my daily work meetings and works great!
MeKLiN from tinychat/youtube here, this is to those who experience grey line issues: Set your desktop to 1440x1080, set your output resolution to 1440x1080, set your scaled resolution to 480x360, once your stream or cam or whatever output you are using is on, open the virtual cam driver. Double click the aspect ratio check box. These are the tricks I've learned using tinychat, and trying to make things easier for hours and hours as well as trying different resolutions and cam/desktop/desktop stream viewbox sizes for performance reasons.
Worked first time great plugin.
Nice work !
The following features can help improve the use cases, please consider !
>>> To behave coherently to the original operation of "Start Streaming" button
1) Add "Virtual Camera" in the "setting->stream->service"
2) In "Tools->VirtualCam" add option "Automatic start when start streaming"
So, users can also use the automatic recording function. And will display a PNG in virtualcam when it is not "streaming", and display actual stream when "started streaming" in OBS, similar to IVCAM
Virtual Cam 2.0.2 with windows 10 1803. It doesn't work in skype and windows camera. Will be there a fix ?
Great work!
Now you can use your webcam in Skype (or whatever) even if it's currently being used by the OBS process. And- if you've got a decent DSLR, or Bridge camera with HDMI-Out -connected to a capture card, you'll have among the beastiest webcam-setups ever!
I dig this!
Hi, after upgrading to OBS latest version I coldnt make virtual cam work, it does not show on tool window. Catxfish workaround on HOW TO INSTALL WITHOUT INSTALLER its a little tricky and im not clear how to do it. I would appreciate a fix to this problem. Im rating good though.
a must if we want to use obs with 3rd party softwares
I now have the full capabilities of OBS available in Google hangouts - extremely useful.
Works with GoToWebinar. It did not work with just the 64bit version of OBS with the 4x OBS-Camera combination. Reinstalled OBS x86 and 1x OBS-Camera options; then it showed up as a camera option in GoToWebinar.