Changes in 2.5.0 version :
  • Add shader to show clicks, up to 7 clicks at the same time.
  • Add 10k raster particles shader.
Changes in 2.4.2 version :
- Add trail shader to releases.
- Add xmas edition of trail shader. Warning, computationally expensive, takes 20-30% of GPU 3D load on my machine, disable preview to avoid rendering twice.
Comes without a properties window, make changes in either the .lua or .hlsl file, then reload the script for your changes to take effect.
See README for Preview.
Changes in 2.4.0 version :
  • Add HLSL glow shader cursor
  • Update readme
  • Changes in 2.2.0 version :
    Add hotkey, remove stale code, update Readme
Crop auto update

Shape of higlight , shape of zoom etc...
  • Create 2 display captures.
  • Create crop filter with this name: cropXY.
  • Check relative.
  • Set Width and Height to relatively small numbers e.g : 64x64 .
  • Image mask blend + color correction might be an option too.
  • Run script,select this source as cursor source , check Update crop, click start.