OBS-Studio: Enable CoreAudio AAC encoder (Windows)

OBS-Studio: Enable CoreAudio AAC encoder (Windows)

works great.

for those on Windows 10: Scroll DOWN on the iTunes download page for standalone Windows & Mac installers. There is NO NEED to use the Windows Store APP.
Links to current & past versions of the iTunes installer can be found here: https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-6562#versions

Since Apple moved to a Windows Store release it's harder to find the installer on its own, so I think it's appropriate to add that link to this guide since OBS people are recommending it in conversations with people, and this is better than people going to 3rd party sites to find it.
Works great for those that can't find itunes now that it is a windows store app you can find it here: https://itunes-64-bit.en.softonic.com/

Quicktime didn't contain 32 and 64 bit either so this was my only solution.
Thank you. Downloading itunes and extracting the Application Support file using 7zip worked.
Followed this guide and downloaded iTunes from Apple's website. Using 7-zip I extracted the .msi installers and ran them then restarted OBS Studio. File changed to this:

01:36:29.415: [CoreAudio encoder]: Adding CoreAudio AAC encoder
works great thanks!