OBS Status overlay (requires Playclaw) 0.3

Displays stream status, time, bitrate at in-game overlay

  1. adminimus
    Minimum OBS Version:
    Supported Bit Versions:
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    Displays stream/recording status at in-game overlay. Actually there are two plugins: first for OBS and second for Playclaw 5.

    Playclaw OBS overlay.gif
    Displayed info:
    1. Current OBS status (idle / streaming / recording / preview )
    2. Streaming time
    3. Bitrate
    4. FPS
    5. Dropped frames
    6. Muted sound / microphone
    Overlay settings:
    Playclaw OBS overlay settings.PNG

    1. Extract archive;
    2. OBS plugin:
      - copy ONE of the files from "OBS" folder (OBS_Status_export-32.dll or OBS_Status_export-64.dll, in compliance with your OBS version) to OBS plugins folder (usually "C:\Program Files\OBS\plugins");
    3. Playclaw 5 overlay plugin:
      - copy all files(OBS_status-32.dll, OBS_status-64.dll and OBS_status.txt ) from "Playclaw 5" folder to Playclaw plugins folder (usually "C:\Program Files\PlayClaw 5\plugins");
      - add following lines to the end of Playclaw language file ("C:\Program Files\PlayClaw 5\lang\English.txt"):
    Code | Analyze
    PLUGIN_OBS_REPLAY_COLOR                Replay color
    PLUGIN_OBS_RECORD_COLOR                Stream/record color
    PLUGIN_OBS_WARNING_COLOR            Warning color
    PLUGIN_OBS_HIDE_IDLE                Hide if not streaming/recording
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_TIME_STREAMING        Show stream time
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_BITRATE_STREAMING    Show stream bitrate
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_DROPPED                Show dropped frames
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_SOUND_STREAMING        Show muted sound/mic on stream
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_TIME_RECORDING        Show recording time
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_BITRATE_RECORDING    Show recording bitrate
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_FPS_RECORDING        Show recording FPS
    PLUGIN_OBS_SHOW_SOUND_RECORDING        Show muted sound/mic on record

    Source code:

    Known issues:
    • Playclaw will show internal IDs in overlay settings dialog unless you manually patch language files. Will be fixed with next playclaw major release (5.1?)
    • No "reconnect" event info (OBS API bug?)
    • Sometimes will still show "preview" status after finishing preview (OBS API bug)
    • No "save replay buffer" info (OBS API bug - crash)
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