OBS Shaderfilter

OBS Shaderfilter Version 1.21

obs-shaderfilter: Version 1.21 Bug fixes and shader updates
Updated ascii shader
Updated filter templates(2)
Updated Fire shader (lots of new options)
Updated luminance, luminance2, luminance_aplha to skip 0 alpha pixels - also a problem in OBS Studio main project Luma Key
work on guassian effects not complete
Add guassian-simple shader
Update repeat_texture
obs-shaderfilter: fix some bugs in enabling effect files
Readme updated
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It has not been widely tested yet, but new x86 and x64 version at revision 1.2 is released

Changes include:
Add new standard parameters (loops, local time, 2 new random numbers)
Update UI
Update filter templates
Add fire shader
Add matrix effect
Add Night Sky background
Add Repeat Texture effect *bug needs resolved*
Update Readme
Reorganized the textures into their own folder. Old textures are not moved to prevent breaking existing filters
New textures added!
Add Shader Time - Start the effect from the loadtime of the shader, not the start up time of OBS Studio.
Add Slider Inputs - Converts Integer and floating point inputs into sliders in the UI. (kinda cheep way to do it, but better things to come)

Add Animated Texture Effect - Animates a texture with polar sizing and color options
Add RGB Color Wheel Shader
Add Rotatoe Effect - rotation!
Recent updates to OBS seem to have broken LUTs / Color Grading for me, so I created a shader based upon how the system used to work.

Also, Skeletonbow made some suggestions about upgrading the Selective Color shader that have been implemented with some additional options.
"Apply to Layer" now works more intuitively
Added Lens flair to the Simple Gradient Shader, and animation of it.
Thanks to https://www.twitch.tv/adimysk for bring an issue to my attention and implementing many of these shaders on his stream in very creative ways!

Future Development:
I have been working on the next iteration of this plugin. Items being implemented include:

Option to show controls as sliders instead of only numeric input.
Ability to choose a SOURCE to add to your filter instead of a graphic image file.

I am having an issue once the SOURCE is selected while grabbing the content. Once this is resolved we will have a ton of new filters that combine sources. Older filters will also be able to use SOURCE instead of graphic image files as the code is in the plugin, not the filter.

Sorry for the delays
Added a few new effects that people have been requesting. They are templates as they are in process to help people learn to write shaders and effects.

Divide Rotate Shader

A version that is in process of being converted from shadertoy, as an example of the steps to convert
https://github.com/Oncorporation/ob...r/data/examples/divide_rotate_ convert.shader

An effect for rotating images, using either pixels or a transform.
(I call it Rotatoe for my MWO friends, not a typo)

You can download into your "%ProgramFiles%\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\obs-shaderfilter\examples" default folder to use immediately. They will be included in future releases when complete.

There are several files in the https://github.com/Oncorporation/obs-shaderfilter/tree/master/data/examples that have not made it to release. Feel free to review!
Added an Opacity Blend shader that works similar to the gradient shader, but for opacity.

Updated the Shine shader to include a delay. It may still need perfecting. The shine shader also gets a directional checkbox to prevent the backwards animation. You can use reverse as needed. https://www.desmos.com/calculator/ltcn6mwllx to review how the delay works.

Updated the Drunk and Emboss shaders to only apply to Alpha Layer

6/23: Add Apply to Alpha Layer to shaders
- Add/update "apply to only alpha layer" or entire scene:
blend_opacity, cartoon, drunk, emboss, glow, scan_line, simple_gradient
Added a very interesting noise shader with normal or fractal noise generation. Also applicable to Alpha layer only and blends the shader with the current image via alpha. It has dynamic resolution settings also.

Not to mention, 2 color choices.vlcsnap-2019-05-07-01h45m44s750.png

It is very cool to apply to your webcam.
Added doodle.effect and update pixelation.effect to have doodle option

These are popular in many recent games and it is an alternative to "shake" but with skewing
While the core dll has not updated, I have added several cool new shaders.

All the latest releases are on Github, so stop by anytime to see what is cooking!

Video: rainbow_shader.PNGHow To: Rainbow Shader & Glass Shader

4/11: Improved Shine and Rainbow shaders

  • Rainbow: add alpha and ability to replace background image color with rainbow color, fix vertical / horizontal directional error
  • Shine: Add Apply_To_Alpha_Layer so shine only affects visible areas below it
4/16: Add new effects and shaders

  • New: background_removal.effect, emboss.shader, spotlight.shader
  • Color conversion shaders: bt601tobt709.shader and bt709tobt601.shader
  • Update Readme
4/17: Add Frosted Glass and Gamma Correction Shaders

4/23: Add Glass shader, update Frosted Glass shader to allow vertical or horizontal splitting of screen, rename 2 shaders to .effect to represent transforms and not just pixel shaders.

5/2: Update Rainbow Shader to make more efficient.

  • Add Preliminary Burn Shader (with burngradient.png)