obs-shaderfilter 2.1.3

Yikes Exeldro! You really are a LEGEND! I am on a Mac OS Ventura OBS 30.0.0 rc1 and before your current update I would go through your list of shaders and many times I would get errors in red and they wouldnt work on the shaders I wanted to try. I don't know with this latest update today, I tried many and they ALL worked! Thank You so much!.....by the way for some reason this rating is not allowing me to give you 5 stars for some reason or I would give you 5 stars!
Fantastic plugin. Gives me the ability to use my own custom shaders in OBS.
Exeldro is a wizard.
And the plugin God does it again
amazing and simple to use
The possibilities of this are almost endless. The included examples provide huge value alone. If only I knew how to code shaders :P
As per usual, Exeldro delivers another excellent plugin. Very cool, very useful.
Really awesome plugin. Ton of super cool stuff.
Duudee...! This plugin is really2 useful and has lots of effects. The one that I've been begging from OBS was adding a border in video source and this filter does that. Thank you so much Exeldro, you are my favorite OBS tweaker ever
Wow. These are both fun and useful. Thanks for all the included shaders and filters.