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OBS RTX SuperResolution v1.2

Excellent plugin - Must easier than using the standalone NVIDIA Broadcast
This works fairly well, there is however a bug that causes it to randomly stop working when youre messing with it. I'm using it with a infrared camera to upscale its output and it looks great!
If the resolution of your input is larger than the scaling factor that you've set (4x scaling will not work above 540p sources) then it will not try and go to a lower scaling factor automatically. It will stop scaling entirely. You can verify this is the case with the Verify Source button.

If it has stopped working, and changing to a lower scaling factor does not cause it to start working again, then you may have triggered a more significant error that I am (purposefully) not trying to recover from. Removing the filter and re-adding it should activate it again if it was working in the first place, or restarting OBS can also fix this.

If your input source is in the correct resolution range, and removing/re-adding the filter, or restarting OBS does not fix this problem, your OBS log should have relevant error messages from the plugin.
It works with very little performance loss (Nvidia Scaling) and seems to look similar to StreamFX or FreeFX superresolution. And with more modes than these two plugins. I hope you keep updating the plugin.