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OBS-RTSPServer 2.2.1

  • Fixed bug where Multicast-Checkbox was ignored. (#106)
Build System
  • macos: Updated Packages.dmg SHA256.
  • windows: Changed CMake Generator to Ninja.
  • windows: Updated build scripts to be compatible with Visual Studio 2022.
  • Removed the warning.
Full Changelog: v2.2.0...v2.2.1
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Breaking Changes
  • The zip file folder layout of the Linux release has been changed.
New Features
  • Added multicast features.
  • Updated build scripts.
Documentation Changes
  • ko-kr: Updated
  • en-us: Updated installation instructions.
  • zh-cn: Updated installation instructions.
  • Updated .gitgnore.
Full Changelog: v2.1.2...v2.2.0
  • Optimized the code.
Full Changelog: v2.1.1...v2.1.2
  • Fixed the bug of sps data output error.
  • Canceled pause output when no client is connected.
  • Optimized the code.
  • Added translation for RtspServer.Properties.Target.Address.Copy (복사).
  • Added the feature of setting custom URL suffix.
  • Added the feature of displaying version information.
  • Fixed the bug that crashed when using invalid URL request.
  • Fixed the bug that the root path cannot be connected.
  • Add french translations. #65 (@brodi1 )
  • Add Japanese translations. #67 (@brodi1 )
  • Fixed the bug that the settings dialog could not be displayed in the center. #63
  • Change the timing of setting saving, from saving after closing the setting dialog to saving after closing OBS Studio.
  • Optimize the code of the configuration dialog.
  • Fix the bug of crash when using NVENC decoder. (#55)