Added support for the ScreenshotSaved event. It will be activated automatically after the update (if everything goes according to plan).
This event requires OBS 29+.
OBS 28 is also supported!
Completely redesigned the way of processing AdditionalData.
Added limits on the properties of standard plugins. closes #4
Added autostart script for OBS. Now it is possible to run OBS Notifier simultaneously with OBS! closes #5

Added buttons on notifications to quickly open a file or folder.

Added a button for auto-correction and auto-formatting AdditionalData.

Added logging of global exceptions.
Added an argument to force closure if OBS Notifier is already open ( --force_close )
Added CI action for automatic creation of binary files.
Logger now has improved support for multiline messages.
Improved animation of Nvidia-like plugin preview.
Fixed a bug when settings couldn't load from an empty file.
Updated the plugin interface. Breaks compatibility!
Fixed the position of notifications on non-primary screens. ( #3 )