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Free OBS Classic to obs-studio scene converter

  • Finally fully transitioned to GDI+ text source, now also supports (almost) all classic text options such as outline!
  • Fixed some more issues where expected source properties are not available due to the scene file being very old
Oh and also the site now finally has https :)
  • Fixed a bug with custom CSS in browser sources
  • Now uses GDI+ text source (not complete yet! Some classic settings are not yet converted)
    • GDI+ sources seem to have a different font size than freetype2 which can result in text being smaller than anticipated. A fix or workaround for this might come in the future.
  • Fixed issue with scene names that contain certain characters
  • Added current version and link to changelog to website
  • Removed some old code
Short summary of the recent changes:
  • Fixed global browser sources causing a crash because of its settings not being read correctly
  • Fixed parser crash on empty scenes (empty scnes are now ignored/skipped)
  • Fixed error logging (server side)
  • Added checkbox to allow files that failed to convert to be saved for easier debugging
    • The checkbox is checked by default, if you do not want your scenes saved if conversion fails uncheck this checkbox
  • Fixed error redirect
  • Fixed files not being deleted after 5 minutes (config had one zero too many)
  • Removed some leftover debug code that caused the parser to exit instead of raising an exception